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  1. KeithMcGowan


    And I have a matching bass bin if anyone wants to do a center channel with these!
  2. Sweet deal for someone for sure. Both pair look beautiful. Nice work!
  3. I have a buddy that I'm coming to visit in Fort Worth later this week. Clearly, he needs these.
  4. Nice amp, should not last long. What amp did you end up keeping in the system?
  5. Bummer. Good luck with the project.
  6. I have a single La Scala bass bin made by a professional cabinet maker and speaker enthusiast. It is black with Padauk trim and looks great. You could have the top hat made. Let me know if any interest. I will do a sweet deal. It's just sitting in my storage unit unused. I would love to see somebody put it to good use.
  7. I own this amp and it's an absolute beauty. Switchable cathode resistors and plate voltage so it can run pretty much any tube between EL84 and KT90. I bought mine about six months ago after picking up the CS300 which I just sold. Good luck with your sale> I must ask what you are following up the LEben with...
  8. Jan, sending you a message on this one. I want to try it in my Triode preamp.
  9. Those look sweet Chuck. I will put the word out. Any trades or just looking for a cash sale?
  10. Thanks a lot for the info. Trying to match a single that I had made and couldn't identify that one.
  11. Those look very well done and a pretty solid deal imo. GLWS. Does anyone know the part number for the inductor (I think haha) that is mounted parallel to the corner cutoff. I had the housing break on one and was curious what the cost of the part would be to replace. Thanks for any help on that one.
  12. One last try. This has been harder than I thought. The sad part is that Great Plains still sells these but can't get an answer to a phone call or email from Bill. It's very strange, I've never dealt with a business that really doesn't seem to want to sell anything. Pretty odd and hope he's OK. Bill was great help a dozen years ago when I built some speakers with his components.
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