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  1. Wise man.... Trust me, per 2 Klipsch employees, the magnets are different as I mentioned above, just swap the diaphragm / phase plug assemblies.
  2. The badge for the CF / Epic line is the same for the KLF / Legend line. The badge looks like this as OEM from the factory. I have found all mine on Ebay.
  3. Next in line if mustagerfoutlife doesn't buy them. Thanks.
  4. Not mine. Looks like a couple dings and a hole in one passive. Smoking deal. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/110952926
  5. Not mine. Beat up but great project, easy fix. https://www.facebook.com/co0730052605/?ref=share_attachmemmerce/listing/50864nt
  6. Not sure either, worth a call for someone in the area.
  7. My bad, the pic shows the drivers installed.
  8. Already gone. Was a great deal, hope someone here got them.
  9. Not mine. https://www.musicgoround.com/product/41107-S000035994/used-klipsch-kp-302-speaker-cabinets-large-full-range
  10. Not mine. https://www.musicgoround.com/product/41117-S000012624/used-vintage-klipsch-heresy-speakers
  11. Agree on using the Lacquer thinner to remove the finish prior to sanding. I use 00 steel wool and Lacquer thinner every time. The veneer is very thin and easy to sand through.
  12. As others have said, easy 5 minute fix with the hose of a vacuum.
  13. Upgrade YES, flip to double your money, YES. BUY them. If they were close to me, I would have bought them already.
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