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  1. Thank you Tom for reaching out to me during my search. I replied to you via PM. Thanks, crunchman
  2. What "other ways" would you suggest to find what I am looking for?
  3. Hi. I am looking for two K-1036-K or K-1036-E woofers for my KLF-20's. Please PM me if you have either for sale. Thank you, crunchman
  4. Update. Customer service agent Liam dug a little deeper and this was his reply. HI, " That was a wiping Stain that we purchase from Valspar a long time ago. It was Custom made for our product. Valspar is no longer our paint supplier so if you are looking to change or match that color you best bet would be to find someone close that could try and match. There is a sealer coat and two coats of lacquer . That could be scuffed and another coat applied without messing will the color on the stain." That is all the information that we have. I will try a Natural color or Golden Oak, sanding sealer and 3 or 4 coats of Satin Lacquer. Update pics to come.
  5. Thanks morey james, I wrote to Klipsch customer support and this is what they said. "Hi, We do not have the color/brand of stain documented down, so we would not be able to give that information out." I will continue to search for what Klipsch used. I am not sure it would be an "oil finish" as the colors available were Light Oak, Medium Oak, Black Satin, Mahogany. I will most likely go with a natural color stain as the Oak is very light and top coat with a Satin lacquer. See pic below. Thanks again, crunchman
  6. Hi moray james, Do you know if the boiled linseed oil is what the factory used for the light Oak color? I would like it to match the Light Oak color so when I sell them, it matches with someones other speakers. Thank you for your reply. crunchman
  7. Edit: The clear coat does come off with steel wool and lacquer thinner. Now I need to figure what stain was used. The light oak has a very slight yellow tint to it, maybe golden oak?
  8. Hey guys, I am refurbing a newly acquired pair of KLF-20's in the light oak finish. I will be stripping the finish and re-staining. Does any know what the factory used as far as color and type of finish? The top coat satin finish does not appear to be a lacquer but more of a polyurethane? I tried a test spot with lacquer thinner and it barely touched the finish. Any recommendations on a solvent or stripper to remove factory finish? Thanks in advance. crunchman
  9. Search "Klipsch badges" on Ebay. There are many there.
  10. Bump! Still interested. Are these speakers for sale or not? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am still interested, see my latest reply on CL. I have cash in hand, let's make a deal for tomorrow. Thanks. Edit: Bump... Did you want to sell these? I am local, have cash in hand. Let's make a deal!
  12. Hi, I am still interested, see my latest reply on CL. I have cash in hand, let's make a deal for tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. Buy new directly from Crites or have him rebuild the OEM crossovers for you. Problem solved. Whatever you settle with, replace the crossovers in both speakers.
  14. Thanks Fish, the 20's definitely rock!
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