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  1. Thanks, got it. Yellow positive wire to terminal with white mark.
  2. Hey guys, Quick question. I lost or forgot to take pics on the terminal wire positions while I disassembled my Heresy II's. The midrange is not marked with neg or pos. Does anyone recall what the marked terminal is? Thanks.
  3. The CF-3 feet I posted above were from a version 1. What version did your come off of? Klipsch must have changed feet at some point for the CF-3's. I am pretty sure the rubber feet came standard if the speakers did not have the optional spike kit.
  4. The CF-3's I had were different. They had a plastic cap similar to the KLF-20's but fit over the knurled part of the foot instead of screwing into the bottom nut on the 20's foot.
  5. The woofers appear to be correct. The cabs are beat, dog piss grills missing badges. I would be able to fix these but not worth the effort for me for more than $200. Great project though.
  6. Ebay Academy badge. See how the registered trademark on the Ebay badge is smeared on the PWK logo and not next to the "h" on Klipsch? To most it would not matter but to me it does. The "K" of Klipsch is also lower case and not capitalized. The "V" on the PWK logo is open on the left side and not solid like OEM. The OEM has the "laser" look, Ebay does not. Some of the OEM badges had badge pins on the back so that the badge could be moved for a vertical presentation. Many differences.
  7. If it turns out you win and they are for parts.... I would like to be first in line if you part them out. Thank you and good luck with your bid.
  8. Excellent. Good luck with your purchase. Were you able to verify they are good or for parts only? Keep us posted after you get them.
  9. I would send another message. She replied back to me within the hour. I think ZEUS121996 messaged her as well.
  10. Thanks for the heads up lakedmb. I spoke with this seller and showed him what an OEM Academy badge looked like. He made/named these for the Academy but they are not the same. I tried to post the pic from my original link above but the file was too large. Thanks again.
  11. Excellent. Keep us posted. Hope you get them.
  12. ok. Got censored. kinda like batch but starts with an Sn
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