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  1. Update..... Got the CF-3's stained to match Medium Oak. Waiting for the stain to finish flashing off so I can top coat with Satin Lacquer.
  2. Never updated this thread. I got excellent results using Varathane Summer Oak to match Klipsch Light Oak. (2 coats stain using staining pad and 3 coats Behlen "Jet Spray" Satin Lacquer) Before pic:
  3. Maybe the CF2's are different. These carpet spikes for the CF3's are definitely metal. I would guess that at some point in their lives they had the plastic covers for floors other than carpet but those are long gone.
  4. Hi DirtyErnie, Thanks! I have the CF3's all sanded down and ready for stain now. The feet on the CF3's just screw into the bottom of the cabinets, I am surprised Klipsch didn't use metal inserts like they did on other models.
  5. The CF3 and CF4 with the K-63-KN were produced 1994 - 1996. The CF2 with the K-64-KN was produced 1994-1996. The KV4 with the K-64-KN was produced 1996 - 1997. I wonder if anyone has the CF2 with the silver K-64-KN? Did Klipsch have an excess of K-64-KN's they needed to unload for a year and produced the KV4? The high end of the KV4 is the same as the CF2 36Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB vs KV4 65Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB. ? The CF3 is 35Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB and the CF4 is 34Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB.
  6. Hi CANT, Thank you for your reply. 1) & 2)..The K-63 & K-64 are identical other than the color and the screen over the driver throat on the K-64-KN. I snagged the K-64-KN due to the rarity of the tweeter drivers and lack of new diaphragms after I saw one for sale. I also read the thread with you mentioning they were the same driver. I am hoping the K-63 & the K-64 are the same but the screen has me stumped. I am hoping that Roy Delgado will see this this thread and confirm if it will work or not. I am wondering if the K-63 and K-64 will get along or should I find another K-64 so they match? I have attached a couple pictures for those that have never seen both together, The K-64-KN is on the left.
  7. Thanks for looking guys. The KLF-20's have been sold. crunchman
  8. Hi CANT, Old thread but I just recently acquired a set of CF3 version 1 with the K-63-KN tweeter diaphragms. Unfortunately, 1 of the tweeters is blown. I have a couple questions for you. You had mentioned the K-64-KN is the same tweeter as the K-63-KN but re-labeled for other horn assemblies. (CF2, KV4) I found a K-64-KN tweeter and would like to use it for my CF3. There are a couple differences, the K-64 is silver (not black) and the driver throat has a silver screen under the gasket. Do you know why the screen is there? Is it necessary? The K-63 does not have one. Did you or anyone ever see the specs of the drivers to see if the frequency response was different? Thanks, crunchman
  9. Thanks for the link billybob. I have a roll of that that I used on my Ultimax sub build. This is a foam tape. The stuff used on the CF3's is a putty tape. I have some Butyl tape from my RV repairs and it seems very similar. Just trying to confirm if anyone that has removed the front motor board reapplied new sealant. I would just glue it back on but it would take quite a bit of time to remove it from the groove on the motor board.
  10. Thanks billybob, was it in this Epic Owners thread? I suspect it is Butyl tape.
  11. Does anyone know what the gray sticky tape gasket is? Klipsch used it to gasket the motor board to the cabinet. It appears to just be Butyl tape? TIA
  12. Ready for sanding and prep for stain.
  13. More pics. Horrible black paint job removed.
  14. Getting started on the refurb....
  15. Cast iron is the preferred method to cook steaks at our house too. I use a jaccard tenderizer on all my meat (steak, chicken, pork ect..) prior to cooking, makes things very tender. I like to season steaks with black pepper and Garlic salt. Preheat the pan on the burner at med high heat to almost smoking, add a teaspoon of Avocado oil and heat the oil until it shimmers. 2 1/2 to 3 minutes per side for medium rare perfection. Love my cast iron pan, even though the smoke detector usually goes off. lol
  16. Hi Shaun K, Thanks for the congrats. Not me debating, different guy. I have had Klipsch for years. I bought my Walnut Oil Chorus II's new back in 1992 (front channel) I also have 2 sets of Walnut Oil Forte II's (one set for rears), A set of KLF-20's in Black Satin (for sale) , a KLF-C7 Black Satin (center), and a set of black KG 4.5's. Also a groove for the camper. Pics for presentation only, not placement.
  17. Hi, Just joined the Epic club. I scored a set of CF3 version 1. Thanks for this thread, excellent information here. These need to be completely refurbed, so I will post pics on their journey back to OEM. crunchman
  18. Old thread but did the EV DH1506 driver seem to work as the solution for the non-existent K-63-KN diaphragms? There are a few on Ebay now from $75 to $250, Thanks.
  19. Hi, I acquired a set of CF-3 version 1's today for a great deal. One speaker is fine, the other has issues. ( K-63-KN tweeter is blown.) Would anyone happen to have any parts? Bob Crites is unable to get the diaphragms anymore as I just checked with him. Thanks in advance for any replies. crunchman
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