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  1. Hi Fotog, Yes, the 20's are available. You can PM me for details if you are still interested. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Westcoastdrums, they are in great shape and looking for a forever home.
  3. Well, that explains it. I prefer to go for the OEM finish. When the speakers are striped down you can also fix any dents, scratches and veneer issues.You can see my results on the pair of KLF-20's I have for sale in the Garage Sale area. Take care.
  4. Not sure how you could refinish a pair of speakers in an hour but good for you. It takes me almost an hour just to remove the drivers and tape them off for finish removal.
  5. Yes, they are worth $700. The Chorus II's do not come up very often. I would buy them if they were closer. The pushed in dust cap on the rear passive is only cosmetic and has zero affect on the sound / performance of the speaker. The dust cap can be popped out using a vacuum hose if it bothers you. Worth mentioning is the scratches on the finish, the black is the easiest to refinish and can be completed in a weekend. Go get 'em.
  6. Look at the tag on the back of the speaker, it will list the model. You can also post a picture of the speakers here.
  7. Can you post pics of the Cornwall set here? It would help with the sale.
  8. Great speakers, lets make a deal. Open to offers.
  9. Selling a very nice set of sequential numbered "Legend Series" KLF-20's. The finish is Black Satin with a 9/10 overall condition. The cabinets are scratch free except there are some "minor scuffs" on the back of the cabinets but cannot be seen from your listening position. The woofers, midrange and tweeter horns function like new and look great. This pair features new Crites crossover boards with new internal wires and Crites Titanium tweeter diaphragms. ($348 for parts) The grills are in excellent condition with new fabric cover. All correct parts are here- feet (with optional carpet "spike kit") ports, emblems. These speakers have been checked over and do NOT have any issues with the glue on the front or backs, no rattles. This sale will be local pick up only without a shipping option due to size and weight of these speakers. $900 or best offer. Cash only. Pick up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 44023 (Due to picture file size limits, I could only post 3 pics but have many more I can send you) Here are the KLF 20 specifications. LEGEND KLF 20 TOWER Sensitivity: 100 dB @ 1 watt/1 meter Frequency Response: 34 Hz-20 kHz±3 dB Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms Crossover Frequency: 750 Hz and 7 kHz Power Handling: 200 watts maximum continuous (800 watts peak) Enclosure Type: Bass reflex via dual, wide-flare, rear firing ports Drive Components: Three-way system using one 1"(2.54 cm) K-79 tweeter compression driver with a90º x 40º exponential horn; one 1.5" (3.81 cm) K-52 midrange compression driver with a 90º x 60º TractrixHorn and two 10" (25.4 cm) K-1036 woofers. Weight: 86.5 lbs. (39.27 kg) Height: 40.75" (103.51 cm) Width: 12" (30.5 cm)Depth: 16" (41 cm) Finish: Light Oak, Medium Oak, Black Satin, Mahogany.
  10. Here you go. https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Klipsch-Synergy-F1-F2-F3-Speaker-stand-legs/133083418588?hash=item1efc63cfdc:g:FssAAOSwYMldAayx
  11. Thank you jason str. I have never seen these on KLF-20. Mystery solved.
  12. I see the date is 1996, I wonder if these are the first version?
  13. Hi, I found a guy selling two K-1036-K woofers. One has a double magnet. Also the K-79-K tweeter has a double magnet. Any idea what these came out of? The KLF-20 uses the standard K-1036-K.
  14. I thought I made it clear that I was too far away, so you are helping the others that may be interested. Your previous post with unanswered questions however was unclear. Good luck with your sale.
  15. Buy a set of Forte II's. You can find nice to mint ones for $500 - $700.
  16. You are still too far away but for clarity for others that may be interested. You are asking $1000 for a set of Forte II's?
  17. So was it for 2 Forte II's or the 3 speakers shown?
  18. You are too far away for me but is this for the 3 speakers shown or just a pair? Good luck with your sale.
  19. Congrats on your sale. I was watching this but the timing did not work out. crunchman
  20. Good luck with your sale. I am to far away but good price.
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