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  1. I put the wiring back as it was, white to L1 and black to N, to see if it would still work with the hum as it was before I tried the fix...no, it still cuts off after a minute or so. So I don't recommend this fix unless, like me, you simply cannot accept the hum from a sub that is sold as high end "Reference" audio gear....it most definitely is not that. I bought this junk to supplement my vintage Klipsch Heresys since they only go down to 56hz or so. My next step is to invest in some vintage Klipsch Cornwalls and update them with Bob Crites components. OLD SCHOOL RULES!!
  2. It was not the internal circuit breaker. I replaced the 6.3 amp breaker with a 10 amp fuse (the size for a r115sw, according to the pc board) and the issue persists and the fuse is not blown. So...some component in the circuitry is either faulty or incorrectly installed. More to come....I haven't given up yet. Besides, I've voided any warranty and it's just a doorstop at this point.
  3. I tried this on mine and it worked great for about 1 minute then an internal circuit breaker shut the sub down completely. If I unplug it and let it sit for a few minutes it will repeat the process. Obviously something is overheating inside and the misconnected wires were done on purpose to hide the flaw.
  4. I have the exact same issue with a R-112sw. I have tried evrything I can think of and there is NO support from Klipsch. It also induces a hum into my system as well. My system is dead silent at idle no matter the volume level until I plug this sub in. I don't notice it too much when music is playing but it is still very annoying and not "Audiophile" at all.
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