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  1. Great advice from everybody.I think im going to try and build a table tuba.Sounds like a fun project.Thank you all for your ideas and thank you for welcoming me to your klipsch family.I respect all your ideas.My listening room is my 2000 sqare ft basement,and i have no neighbors so i can go big.I like to feel my music.
  2. Thank you for your responses.Its nice to have different opinions and ideas to throw around before i decide on which route to go.
  3. Hi everyone im new to the forum and looking for some good advice from a very knowledgable group. my question is about subwoofer choice.My la scalas are original and sound wonderful,but lack in the bass department for my liking.I like to listen to them at high volume at times.I have a chance to buy a pair of klipsch 480 subs for 500.00 locally.But after browsing your forums i have read alot about table tubas.Can somebody steer me in the right direction?Thank you so much for any help and advice in advance.DAVE
  4. 30 by 60 full basement.I like classic rock,blues,country.not using for home theater
  5. kubotadave


    Looking for suggestions on a subwoofer for my kg4 speakers
  6. What a great site.I am a new member and the advice is much appreciated
  7. Thank you very much.Just ordered the kit
  8. Does anybody know if i can find a repair kit for my kg4 8 inch woofers.The rubber on the surronds are cracked.
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