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  1. hammershaug

    Forte III

    I tried a PrimaLuna with KT150 tubes for some days. It was really good. Very close to my LM218 SET, but lacked the SET-amps magic midrange. That said, I was impressed with it’s PRAT, due to more power I guess. Clearly better than LM.
  2. hammershaug

    Forte III

    Thanks man! Yeah, it's German u now;)
  3. hammershaug

    Forte III

    Out of the blue, this shiny piece from Germany took the SET-amps place. I guess it will stay there for a long time. A very good match to the Forte III, with it's transparent and very detailed sound. Yet still, an organic midrange with some warmth. Bass response has become tight, articulate and deep. So, what about the LM 218 SET amp with new tubes and NOS Mullard? I don't know. One thing's for sure; nothing(?) beats the presence and weightless presentation of voices from a SET-amp. Someday I will switch between those two very different amps, play a handfull of well known songs, write down some notes and maybe publish the result here.
  4. hammershaug

    Klipsch first timer advice?

    Hello! I have some experience with HIII and Line Magnetic. First amp was LM216 with KT88. Not bad, but not the best combination in my room. LM218 SET amp was a huge improvement. (845 tubes from Psvane, Gold Lion KT88 driver tubes, and NOS Mullard preamp tubes) Close to heaven for me. Warmer, colourful and fluid sounding. Huge soundstage. Just better in every way. Vocals are extremely realistic. HIII just an inch from the wall and directly on the floor, to get the best bass response. I’ve tried them on stands - and closer to listening posistion - with no luck. Still have both 218 and HIII, but for the moment replaced by Forte III and a integrated Burmester. Better bass response and very, very detailed sound with a beautiful midrange warmth. Still, I miss that midrange and snappy bass from HIII and 218. It’s very addictive. Good luck! EDIT: Here's what Steve Huff has to say about Heresy III http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/klipsch-heresy-iii-speaker-review-im-floored-and-here-is-why/
  5. hammershaug

    Forte III

    To be honest, I’m considering many things. Mostly solid state. Right now I have borrowed another integrated tube amp; PrimaLuna Dialogue with KT120. Seems to be a better match than the LM SET-amp. Sounds really great! Best I’ve heard on my Forte III so far. I’m also interested in a almost new McIntosh MA 5200 for sale in Norway these days. $3600 is still a lot of money, and I find It hard to splash out without knowing the result... Anyone tried a big Mac or PrimaLuna on FIII?
  6. hammershaug

    Sunn speakers ??? Khorn copy ???

  7. hammershaug

    Klipschorns in the house

    Already sold the FIII’s? Jan
  8. hammershaug

    PS Audio Sprout100 with Forte llls

    Sorry, have not, but I am very curious. Keep us updated!
  9. hammershaug

    Forte III

    Same experience at my place. FIII is in another league, compared to the HIIIs they replaced. Fuller sound. More impressive. Still, they lack the smooth, balanced sound from the Heresy. Yesterday I disconnected the 22W SET amp from Line Magnetic and hooked up my old workhorse, Classé CAP-150. 2x150 bold and warm transistor watt from the Canadian hi-end company. Got the sense of losing resolution immediately. Sounds muddy and dark compared to the SET-amp with NOS Mullard preamp tubes. BUT it grows on me! Now I can play bad recordings without ear fatigue. It’s actually very detailed, and dare I say more natural sounding? More forgiving at least. The SET-amp and Heresy was a match made in heaven. On Forte not so much in my room. Thinking about selling the SET-amp and try a Luxman, McIntosh etc. Does it make sense? Tubes and horns and all that...
  10. hammershaug

    Recommendation for Rear Passive Radiators?...

    I guess the speaker placement is very room dependent. No strict rules here. My FIII’s is 12" from the wall, for the moment, but hasn’t decided on finale placement. These things take time...
  11. hammershaug

    Thoughts on Forte III and speaker break in

    Same experience here. Seven weeks since I hooked them up, and they still grow on me. I'm fully aware of my ears still are adapting to the new sound, but that's just half the story here. The Fortes are changing. No doubt about it. Same story with my Heresy III, which needed several hundred hours to tame the midrange harsness... These days I’m planning a makeover in my living room. Will move my stereo system to another wall so I can give the Fortes more space from the wall. 10" is not enough in my room. I find them to be a bit too bass heavy - to my taste.
  12. hammershaug

    Listened to Forte III Amazing!

    IMHO also;) Tonight I’m gonna put back the Line Magnetic SET amplifier. I guess it will be an upgrade to my «break-in amp», the old Cambridge, all in all. I also fear hints of harshness. With the forgiving british amp everything sounds very good, but not the highest resolution. The more open nature of the SET-amp will reveal bigger differences between recordings. I think so. Win some - lose some. That’s life. I will post more later.
  13. hammershaug

    Listened to Forte III Amazing!

    Thanks dtel. Can you tell me about differences between those three generations, and which amplification you prefer? Jan
  14. hammershaug

    Listened to Forte III Amazing!

    Thanks man. The music has been and still is an important part of my recovery. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. hammershaug

    Listened to Forte III Amazing!

    Taboo subject or not, I remember the day I unboxed and hooked up the Heresy III. A rather thin, anemic sound and an uneven bass response was what I heard. After a week or two they were slowly changing, no doubt about it. No, my ears wasn’t getting used to the new sound. The voicing was clearly changing - to the better. Switching from KT88 push and pull to 845 SET was another step up the ladder, but I was still not there. Listening fatigue was a major factor for me gave up that project. Therefore I bought some huge, classic Spendor monitors. Amazing speakers, especially on vocals, folk, blues and jazz. Not so much on rock and more complex music. Fast forward to January 2018. The hi-fi system has now been moved from the attic/man cave to the much bigger living room; due to tragic circumstances. My beloved wife - and mother of our two kids - suddenly died on a mountain trip last autumn. 46 year and her heart just stopped. My world stopped. There was indeed no need for a man cave any longer... So, one day in January, and just for fun, I swapped the Spendors for the Heresys. Oh my god. What has happened?! After two and a half year the Heresys finally sang to me. A colourful soundstage was in full bloom right in front of me! Just like a Panavision movie. I heard sounds from everywhere but not the speakers. Even the bass was in place, not much of it, but very very fast, presice and articulate. Then, I start reading all those strong reviews of the Forte III, decided to sell the Spendors and go Klipsch all the way. With Forte III I have the foundation I was missing from the little Heresy. Sometimes I think there is too much bass. I will not sell the Heresys before I experience that kind of magic with the Forte III. I may never sell them anyway... Pardon my english. I just typed this piece from my iPhone, and I’m Norwegian.