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  1. Forte III in the house

    I live in Norway, and have talked to the Norwegian distributor(Mono) about options. Only black oak was in stock at the moment. Walnut on it’s way, they said.
  2. Forte III in the house

    Classy set up! LM and Forte III is an interesting combo. My LM 218 has a lot common with your amplifier. SET, 845 tubes, 22W. I hardly can’t wait for my FIII walnut to arrive. 4 long weeks I think. Please share more impressions to shorten my wait.
  3. 2 Channel/amp

    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. It’s been a long jump, actually. My Klipsch journey started back in 1995 with these: https://flic.kr/p/yhoMtz Fast forward to 2015 and my next Klipsch; Heresy III walnut: Will post some pics when I get the Fortes. Maybe in another thread. 4 long weeks. Oh my! Jan
  4. 2 Channel/amp

    A few days ago I enjoyed the Forte III at Stereofil in Oslo. They were fed from this tiny little Luxman SQ-N10: http://www.luxman.com/product.php?pid=49 A pretty cheap(for a Luxman) integrated tube amp with EL84. China built. I think it was a wonderful combination. Played 10-15 songs from a Tidal playlist with old and new favorites - and got blown away! Then I ordered a pair of FIII in walnut. My first post btw, but a long time reader.