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  1. I have one of the cheaper Denons, AVR-730H if my memory is correct. With Heos, it has the capability to play different sources to not only zone 1 and zone 2, but also to the Heos speakers. One thing I don't like about it is the lack of tone control and subwoofer output on Zone 2. Although this is one of their cheaper AVR's (under $400), it does just fine in HT usage. It even does fairly well in 2-channel, putting out 75 wpc with 2 channels driven. I have used it with RF7-ii, R28-F, and Infinity Reference Threes. It is a little lacking in power for the Infinity's, (they are 6 0hm and low sensitivity) but only at exceptionally loud volume. I can go to reference level on the other speakers without clipping. Oh, I don't have to turn it off to switch sources. I control it with an app on my phone (Heos app)
  2. I saw the thread title and thought you were offering them to us (me) for free! Nice score!
  3. Youthman, NIce video! What was your volume level on your setup? I saw that the subs were at 0db, but don't know where your main volume was set.
  4. That is the exact AVR that I have. I'm driving RF7-ii, R25C, and R15Ms for surrounds. Also hooked up are two SW12 subs. It will go over 105 db, plenty loud enough for HT. My listening room is 13 x 22 x 8' with speakers on the short wall. MLP 8 ft from mains. The amp does suffer a bit in headroom at max listening levels, but is fine at normal levels. I recently added an old Kenwood with 125wpc for music, makes the RF7's really wake up.
  5. One of mine was damaged as received, Klispch is sending me a new one.
  6. I had both the R28f's and the RF82ii's at the same time. I preferred the sound of the R28f's, the 82's were too bright for me. I returned the 82's and now have RF7ii's to go with my R28f's. The RF7ii's are definitely an improvement over the R28f's, but not huge by a factor of 2 or 4. Maybe by 1.5 I am using the RF7's for 2-channel music and the R28f's for HT in a 5.2 system.
  7. Your links don't work, can you re-post? Thanks, Dan
  8. Try it, you might be surprised. As I've stated before, I'm no audiophile. I probably don't catch all the nuances and differences that some of you do, but they sound good to me.
  9. IMHO, matching the center to the mains is over rated. I am running a R25C with RF7II's and absolutely love the sound in HT usage! The R25c cannot go as loud as the RF7's but they don't seem to need to.
  10. It looks like the left speaker is too close to the side wall. This will cause boominess. Try moving it to the right as far as your stand will allow. Also move them towards the front edge of whatever they are sitting on, rather than towards the rear.
  11. How does it sound compared to the R12-SW?
  12. Okay, I have found that the AVR that I have does not have equal capabilities between the Front main speakers and the Zone 2 speakers. I was running the RF-7's through the Zone 2, thinking that those two channels had the exact same output as the main channels. I found after switching my speakers so that the RF-7's were on the main instead of Zone 2 that they (the mains) go louder and have more bass. When comparing the RF7s to my R28f's I disabled Audyssey and set speaker levels to 0db. Turned off the equalizer. I thought that with these settings that Zone 2 would be the same as the fronts...I was wrong. Zone 2 is weak in power and lacking in bass. I would estimate its power output at no more than 65% of the main channels. It also appears that the mains start distorting (clipping?) at about -8db with the RF-7s, while on the R28fs it doesn't appear to start distorting until 0db. Apparently the larger speakers are demanding more current from the amp. I still want to get another amp for the RF-7's, preferably an integrated one. I want to be able to go to at least 0db without distortion. I would also be open to a receiver, as I like to listen to FM radio sometimes. I don't know if there are any receivers out there with high power and low distortion though.
  13. I am new to all of this. All I've ever had in the past were either cheap bookshelf systems or hand-me-downs of questionable quality. I've never heard a tube amp. It seems by what some of you are saying that a tube amp with low power is likely better than an integrated amp with higher power, is this true? My goal is to make these RF7-ii's blow me away with the bass, kicking me really hard, clear midrange, and a high end that doesn't make my ears tired. I don't want to get an amp and then wish afterwards that I had more power. I've turned up my Denon AVR to 0db with these speakers. They were fairly loud, but the bass kick wasn't there. I've tried moving them around to try to help the bass and think I'm at least real close to the best positioning.
  14. I just got the twos!! Not even broken in yet. I hear you modify crossovers that can clean up the top end on the speakers, what would that cost me?
  15. I do appreciate the advice you guys are giving me here. Sorry for not saying so earlier. Willand, are you saying that the A-150 is somewhat brighter than the 2nd generation? Anyone here using the 150 with the RF-7II's?
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