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  1. Hi I am looking for a pair of Klipschorns.Thx Al
  2. Hi, I am looking for a vintage pair of khorns to keep and enjoy for a very long time. I now have Forte 2s that I purchased new in 1993 that have been taken very good care of they have Crites Sonic caps and titanium tweeter diaphrams. Just always wanted khorns. Please let me know. Thx Al
  3. Hi anyone have an extra Paul W Klipsch signature on something? Thx Al
  4. Hi looking for a pair of k400 horns I have Paypal for instant payment. I live in the Chicago area 60187. Thx Al
  5. Hi, your khorns look great in the photo! Would you be kind enough to send me more pictures. Thx Al
  6. Hi Looking for a pair of Klipschorn speakers $2k- $3k range in original condition. I live in the Chicago area but I am willing to travel 300 miles. Please send pics, description and price. Thx Al
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