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  1. I bought a couple of RP-280S and boy do they sound good. I was listening to 5 channel SACD music and the guitar on the surrounds sounded almost real. Movies were great also. Makes me wonder if the P-27S are worth it?
  2. Awesome. He’s on the audiophile highway early.
  3. Having trouble editing. Please do it for me. Looking to buy a pair of Klipsch P-27S. I am in California. Thank you.
  4. Looking for a pair of Klipsch P-27s in Merlot color. I am located in California.
  5. No I have not heard them. I'd just thought since those are the latest ones perhaps they will work out.
  6. I have Palladium P-37F and P-27C and I am considering these for surrounds. Will they match/blend musically?
  7. 558

    Oppo BDP 105D

    Other than 4K there is no audible difference between the 105 and 205.
  8. Maybe you can rub the scuff out and be done.
  9. You would get real good bass. I like the wood floors for my sound system.
  10. Have you tried doing an update? sometimes that helps.
  11. Man those are very scarce. GL with search
  12. Did you ever find them? I know they are very scarce. You may try P-17B they are easier to get.
  13. 558


    I can't believe no one jumped on these. Put them on eBay or Audiogon you will get much more publicity.
  14. They're subs are similar to PSA subs.
  15. How were you able to decipher that? Thanks
  16. 558

    Forte III

    Never had a chance to take a listen. How do they compare to RF-7's?
  17. He's a great guy. if you're ever in Vegas check out his warehouse.
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