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  1. Update: I put in a ticket asking, and received this. "That was a sub that we just built for CES and we aren't going to take it to production. It is essentially an SPL-150 but with the piano black finish and the trim ring that matches the premier line. Unfortunately that isn't something that is going to be built at this time because we didn't have enough interest in it." I'm sorry but I am going to say bullshit. How did they "Gauge Interest" your honestly going to sit there and tell me that people dont want their subs to match the looks of their speakers? The only reason I would even buy Klipsch subs is because they match the speakers..... To make things worse, it took them 2 weeks to reply to my ticket. I am very much regretting spending over 5k on klipsch speakers at this point. (I know small potatoes in the Audio World, but it was a lot to me.)
  2. I would go with in wall surrounds long before I would put them that far back like that.
  3. As matches as its going to get? The SPLs do not have the screw cover ring. They do not match at all. the old series R-1**SW match better. which funny enough as a hold over a bought a R-110sw and just received a SPL instead. Cosmetics play a factor to me, and I run my speakers without grills, and I do not want to look at screws. Its part of the reason I chose Klipsch. So now I get to send this SPL back, because I am flat out not accepting that. It may sound petty, but that Copper screw cover ring is a massive deal to me. The SPLs lacking a ring at all, is a dealbreaker, it looks nothing like the rest of my speakers. Edit: I just decided to keep the SPL, despite me not wanting to. I got a good deal on a 110, as its old model, and they sent the new one, which was nice of them. I cannot stand the way it looks however, and planned to replace it with 2 at least 12s when the new ones came out (Which btw they are not, as you said, klipsch said the same). Ill keep this for a bedroom Standard Reference set (which it will match). Then I will replace it with SVS subs, if they are not going to match my speakers then I will go with the better sub company. This was really a huge oversight IMO by klipsch. Why release brand new subs that do not match the new speakers? I'm sorry but you cannot say these match. The Old R-1**SW at least have a trim ring at all, even if it is not have the copper ring Then there is the fact all the new RPs are the woodgrain around but not on the fronts. I would even be fine with a Trim ring optional upgrade, I wouldn't even care if it cost 100 dollars per ring. Without the Ring, I am flat out not buying Klipsch Subs. Now with this experience of order a R-110SW and get sent a SPL, I am not even going to try and buy those. The SPLs match the new RPs only with grills on, the second the grills come off, they look nothing alike.
  4. I know this may not yield any info, but figured I would ask still. Are the subs in this picture from CES still coming out? The SPLs are cool and all, but they do not match the new RP series, I want a sub that matches the rest of the set, as I am putting together my new RP system now.
  5. Hey guys I need some help choosing Atmos speakers from the more experienced. I can't decide which route is better and the "Atmos specifications" on the 140sa doesn't help. The system outside of Atmos consits of. 1 RP-250c - Center 2 RP-150m - FL/FR 2 RP-250s - SL/SR 2 RP-150m - RL/RR 2 SVS PB-2000 4 Atmos?? Okay the issues here are alot lol. I do not have reflective ceilings. Even if I did, I have no place to put Upfiring Atmos modules 3 the 150ms are in Bookshelve like nooks that are part of the wall. I know this is frowned upon, doesn't matter I don't have another option. I have low ceilings 7'5" so on the border of Atmos working at all 😞. So fitting 150ms up there isn't going to fly. On top of the fact that's really low for Atmos I'm 6'4" can't have anything more than 6 inches deep up there. Now if you notice, I took great care to macth not only timber but also driver size and crossovers as best as I could. I would like to stay the same with the Atmos, however I cannot 😞. I cannot install ceiling speakers (even if I could Klipsch doesnt make 5.25 in ceilings or I'd build a box for them and call it a day 😞. That leaves me with 2 options. Well 3. 1.RP 140sa, mounted on the ceiling horizontally. So that they come down 6 inches on the tweeter side, and angle toward the MLP. 2. RP 140sa, mounted at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, so tweeter flush with the ceiling. 3. RP 140d , Mounted on the ceiling angled or straight down. I know Klipsch says don't mount either of these to the ceiling, however I won't be using the keyholes, I will be building custom brackets and screwing into the speakers to attach them. I also know this voids the warranty and do not care. Which one of these would be the closest timbre macth to the others? They are both only 50ws, they are both smaller drivers (Atmos crossovers should help that not matter, right?) Personal preference is the 140s, they would look better, but that Dolby enabled junk, I don't know how well they would work on the ceiling. I have no idea why this post formatted funny. I'll try to fix it later.
  6. Hey I was wondering if anyone has tried a RP-250c Array? I am having to move my HT setup into the living room as the theater room is being turned into new LOs room :(. This effectively means new speakers and new compromises. So I cant use towers, it just cant be done, I have to mount L/R the speakers on bookshelves. So I was thinking instead of going with RP150ms, I could possibley use 250cs as L/R speakers with a 250c, and 4 250s for surrounds. What do you guys think? I know the 150ms would be cheaper and I know they would likely sound fine, but it will drive my OCD up the wall as I do not use grills and looking at 2 speakers with 1 driver each, while the rest of the speakers all have 2 drivers, ya no go. Also, does anyone know how Klipsch mounts its RP logos onto the speakers? Are they glued? Are they mounted with the pegs? Whats the deal there? Also is the speaker finish carried underneath of it (assuming yes) as I will defiantly need to move those to the "new bottoms" or "tops" or "center" of the speaker for SURE.
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