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  1. Another +1 for new register and necro THANK YOU bump ! This thread needs to be sticky-ed someplace on the internet forever as its become more of a time capsule of info. I bought my 5.1 ultra's in 2003 and they have been amazing through the years until a few years ago. I found this thread a few years back when the hum first started, but it would go away after warming up, until about 6 months ago when my speakers became unusable. Tonight i finally got around to taking it apart and getting the parts, sure enough C35/C36 was the culprit. Having NEVER HELD a soldering iron in my life it took me about 3hrs (mostly due to the crap iron i borrowed from my father in law) its not pretty, by board is a little more burnt then it was before and my voice is now going, but plugged it in, NO HUM, hit play on the mp3 player and out blasts the last album i had loaded (gotg: Awesome Mix, Vol. 2), crystal clear. $10 in parts (would have been $40 if i had to get the iron) well worth the trouble. if you have young kids just make sure there not around when you attempt this to avoid them learning any new vocabulary THANKS ALL