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    What's a price for original Klipsch RF-7's ?!?!

    Picked up in Las Vegas Nooo Sir not bragging at all just excited lol i'll check and see what else is listed, there is a set of 1987 Klipsch Belle for $2500.00, from time to time i do run across other Klipsch in fact i purchased the RF-3's from craigs about a year ago.
  2. Daywalker

    What's a price for original Klipsch RF-7's ?!?!

    Sorry for the bad pics, I got it all for $250.00 never mind the wall unit i'm aware that the speakers aren't supposed to be placed in a cabinet but it was here when we purchased the house it will be moved to another room in the house as I have found someone to reconfigure wall unit for the new location, so that I can set the home theater up properly in the living room area. Take notice of one of the RF-3's placed on floor in front of one of the newly acquired RF-7's, the center is blonde maple... not sure why original owner didn't get it in black to match the towers but for the price I can't complain, I'm thinking of doing a black vinyl wrap on the RC-7 so that it matches better and the Rotel will be used in one of my 2 ch setups.
  3. Daywalker

    What's a price for original Klipsch RF-7's ?!?!

    Hello to everyone I'm new here and this is my first post, I am almost ashamed to post this but I just gotta share it with someone who can appreciate it. Last Saturday while browsing Craigs looking for a deal I ran across an ad that had only been up for 20 mins for a pair of RF-7's a RC-7 center and a Rotel RSX-1067 AVR including remote and manual... All for $250.00 so I contacted the guy right away thinking this sounds very fishy but I had to investigate and made arrangements to go to his home. To make a long story longer I called my next door neighbor who had been looking for new speakers and offered my RF-3's and RC-25 center for $300.00 only if my too good to be true deal worked out and she agreed so off I went to to the sellers very nice home and was greeted by an older gentlman porbably very late 60's maybe early 70's where he led me to the garage to see the equipment and i was blown away, the speakers and Receiver were beautiful the cones are perfect not one crease or dent at all the only negatives were a small dent on the top side of one of the cabinets and a broken plastic foot that he stated was done by movers. I proceeded to ask him twice about the price and he confirmed $250.00 he even stated that he paid $2200.00 for the Rotel when new but I already knew that as I researched it before even calling him. As I left driving headed home with my new found score I felt a little guilty and weird as if I was ripping him off although I could tell he wasn't hurting for cash and just wanted the stuff gone due to him updating equipment and not having room in the new home for the large speakers. I was really curious when I got home so I did a little snooping and found out he's a doctor who just moved here from Hawaii as I presumed probably isn't hurting for cash so I just settled in and raved to my wife about what a smoking deal it was and gave her the extra $50.00 that I made off my neighbor LOL.