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  1. Should I keep my RF83 for HT or is it worth buying the on sale RF7ii? They would be for 100% HT. I'm just not sure if it would be much of an upgrade. Just wondering everyones thoughts on this dilemma.
  2. stretch946

    RF-83 or 7II

    Thank you for all of your help! I think I will keep the RF 83's
  3. stretch946

    RF-83 or 7II

    So the RF7ii would be a better speaker for Movies?
  4. stretch946

    RF-83 or 7II

    I have a pair of RF-83 and was wondering if the RF-7ii would be an upgrade or a lateral move? I use them 80% HT and 20% music and I've heard the 83's are more musical and the rf 7 are better for HT.