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  1. Bozo73

    Kansas City Klipschorn parts on CL

    I contacted the seller, he said $985 plus shipping if required.
  2. Bozo73

    Parks Audio Budgie SUT for sale

    Which transformer set do they have? Thanks
  3. Bozo73

    Best Tube amp under $1500 for vintage Lascala

    I’m driving my Cornwalls with a Transcendent Sound SEOTL (original strapped to mono) at 4 watts. Granted my listening room is small but the amps are up to ear splitting levels. They are somewhat hard to find used but well worth the effort. OBTW, they replaced a Amp Camp Amp, solid state SE. Bob
  4. Bozo73

    Vinyl Records for Sale

    Vectra I am interested in: The Pentangle $8 Velvet Underground $$6 Joan Baez $6 If they are still available. Thanks. Bob