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  1. The $700 was for shipping only! I did not follow up with price for the pack.
  2. The seller quoted me $700 for shipping flat packs to Nebraska? LA isn’t any closer, maybe the increase is due to shipping uphill.
  3. I bought a similar set up 40 yrs ago, it came out of a motel and provided fm to multiple rooms. FWIW
  4. As to sensationalized reporting: as a victim of such reporting, I can attest the editors identify the most controversial 5 second segment or statement and embellish the story from that standpoint. Keep in mind they are in the business of selling advertisement via entertainment rather than reporting the facts of the issue. As to “climate change”: in the late 70s the “consensus of “scientists”” (double quotes intended being a chemist by training) had the next ice age coming any second now. There was even a Paul Newman movie Quintet, showing us the perils of the new ice age. I suspect if the funding for climate change dried up, so would the excitement about it. The “new green deal” was outed by one of its authors as not directed to the environment, but as a change agent for the economy. Sorry I may be getting cranky in my old age.
  5. New arms should come with a template, my Jelco did. The center hole is marked and then you drill the hole for the tower where it indicates. If you buy a used arm, you may be able to find a template on Hifi engine website. Good luck.
  6. I contacted the seller, he said $985 plus shipping if required.
  7. Which transformer set do they have? Thanks
  8. I’m driving my Cornwalls with a Transcendent Sound SEOTL (original strapped to mono) at 4 watts. Granted my listening room is small but the amps are up to ear splitting levels. They are somewhat hard to find used but well worth the effort. OBTW, they replaced a Amp Camp Amp, solid state SE. Bob
  9. Vectra I am interested in: The Pentangle $8 Velvet Underground $$6 Joan Baez $6 If they are still available. Thanks. Bob
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