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  1. Any idea on what black paint / finish I can use to touch up the front of the KG-4? The condition of finish is good other than two small light faded spots 2" or so. I would like to just do a touch-up, but I want it done right. If I have to take them apart and refinish I will. I just sanded the cabinets and applied new stain, so I want to finish this project right. The speakers sound great and it's fun to see them come back to life.
  2. I emailed one hour into the listing and someone got to them first.....bummed. But I did find some KG4's, listening now and I like what I hear! The lister still has the ad up, marked as "sold as soon as I put them up" My first pair and I'm already looking for more..... I need a new radiator for the kg-4, any suggestions on new or used, and where to get one?
  3. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and the help. Looking forward to trying Klipsch, from what I read I think it will be a good fit.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the original Forte was sold without a Pedestal? I found some to buy and want to make sure they are legit. Does $180 sound fair in decent original condition? I'm new to Klpisch and open for recommendations on what to try. I'm using a 36 watt tube amp and prefer vintage look. Thanks, John
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