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  1. So I went with a marantz pm7003, no complaints there on the audio sound is actually great and works well with the klipsch speakers. I just need to get a good DAC and I'm set. If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to here them. I have looked at a few but the one that seems to be the most preferred by many is the dacMagic and in my case the dacMagic 100 looks to be a good choice.
  2. Thx for the response m8! All this watt stuff is getting confusing and here I thought cables was holy grail of confusing, ofc until I was told 99.9% it's marketing bs
  3. Just found a Nad C 355BEE, read the manual on it and found an input called main in where one can connect a pre-amp or a processor like surround sound. Is that the same thing as "ht bypass"?
  4. Yeah, I should have specified the room that I will have the equipment in, 4.3m*4.4m*3.1m is the room size so listening position is about 3.7 meters from the speakers, so I guess not too much volume would be needed.
  5. Thank you for the response Bill. I actually found a used Marantz PM 7005 today it's watt output is 60w on 8 ohm I wonder if there is any clipping risk or any risks to damage the speakers if not I would for sure get it. If anyone knows anything about this I would appreciate it.
  6. Anyone that has any knowledge of Music Hall A35.2, I have googles but there is so little info and next to no reviews on it. It's predecessor(or older lower end model) on the other hand has lots of good reviews so one might think that should be the case here as well!?
  7. Rega planar 3(2016) and you can probaly afford a good cartridge with it.
  8. Hi Everyone! So finally I could lay my hands on some klipsch speakers after setting aside some cash for it, I'm extra happy since my retailer here in Sweden had a sale on them. They are truly great to listen to and such a beautiful sight to lay my eyes on 0_0. I'm trying to find an integrated amp to connect to the surround receiver and have the 280f speakers connected to it in order to have two extra channels. So I am in need of "HT-bypass" functionality and desirably a phono input too, bi-wiring and preout for sub would be nice also to have but not a must. At the moment I am short on cash thus I have been looking at integrated amps like the onkyo a-9755, surely this amp douse not climb up to the standard that the 280f speakers are but for the time being I should be no too picky. So my question is if the onkyo a-9755 is a ok match for that price class or are there any other choices I should be considering with the need and price limitation I have. Kind regards to all and thank you for your time and help!
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