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  1. I currently have a pair of RP-280Fs in ebony vinyl. I'm about to put in an order for RP-450C (ebony) when I came across a RP-450CA (black veneer) for about the same price ( within $15 ). In general I would prefer wood veneer but I havent seen this up close. I'm a little concerned the difference might be too noticable. I tried looking thru the online stores but they all seem to use the same photo for black, or at least it seems since the grain seems to be a perfect match. Can anyone point me to some actual photos of the RP-450C black veneer preferably sitting next to ebony vinyl? Or at least if anyone has seen the two well enough to compare. Ive seen the pic on Klipsch.com for the RC-64iii and also saw a video of a RC-64ii. I believe both of these use a black wood veneer but I am not certain it is the same as that used on the RP-450CA. In general it looks like the black wood veneer has a glossy finish vs the more or less matte finish of the ebony vinyl. The grain patterns also look a bit different as well. Thanks. EDIT: Also, I dont know if this makes any difference between choosing the C or CA but I plan to place the TV on top of it. It was my impression both supported this.
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