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  1. PRICE REDUCED TO $450 FOR ALL THREE I purchased these new in early 2017. No smoking, no pets, or children. Speakers are in “as new” condition. Lightly used. Pickup only, near Santa Maria CA. Excellent deal for someone looking for a front three for cheap.
  2. Now this is some funny Schiit right here.
  3. I've been using Omnimount 15.0C ceiling mounts for my RP-250S's for the last three years. They're rated for up to 15 lbs. The RP-250's are 15.7 lbs but I've had no problems. They're easily attached using the 3/8th threaded hole in the back of the speakers. Since that hole is toward the "bottom" of the speakers, they'll end up hanging "upside down" with the tweeter under the driver, but I can"t detect a difference sound wise. Appearance wise , snap the magnetic grilles back on "right side up" and all is good. Got mine on Amazon. Easily found elsewhere also. Hope this helps....
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