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  1. Ebay buyer is not paying, so I still have the speaker! Please email me at hpaguero4@gmail.com if anyone is interested!
  2. It was at 0.01 lol, it's now at $203. It has until feb 29. I needed to start low to compete with the new ones.
  3. Wanted to give my fellow Klipsch owners a chance to get a Klipsch rp450c, I started it low to build more interest. I loved everything about these speakers, but it has always been a dream of mine to have a complete custom designed home theater system, so I'm slowly doing it one at a time, starting with the center channel. This 450c is in perfect shape. ebay.com/itm/313003262223
  4. My 450c get here tomorrow!! I'm even more excited than I was with the 440c, because I've read glowing reviews of it! I think the 5.25 drivers will make all the difference, these quad 4 inch ones on the 440 just did not do the job well with voices. Best part is hight is no problem, and length is qrfect, because my stand is 83 inches wide. Now in August, after my All-star game trip next month, I'll finish off system with the rp250s! System will be: Rp450c, kf28 towers, rp250s, polk 505 300 watt sub powered by Pioneer vsx832.
  5. I wonder what it'll go up to?
  6. I fixed the pics!! Added 3 new ones, my flash wasn't on, that'll do it!
  7. I bought the 450c!! Got paid early, so now I hope my 440c gets at least $300... this was my all-star game ticket money!! I hope I made a good gamble! We're at $83 with 4 days to go on the auction.
  8. Tell me about it!! When I was in grade school and high school, no problem getting it for free, but out of school means getting loans. btw, my favorite thing about being visually impaired? Free audio books!!! I love love reading, I'm a member of the NLS Library for the blind, used to have to get tapes in the mail, but now it's all digital download instand!! Lol, we used to get crats of tapes! I'm also a member of bookshare.org, which lets you download any book in noke format or any other format you need... My mom loves it, because I can download any book for her for free lol! Save her over $300 a year in books.
  9. I'm impressed, not many know those names who don't have a family member who is blind. Yes, I have Jaws for my pc, but these days, I use a BrailleNote Touch, which is a new product that's a tablet, but with built in Braille comands. It's very awesome, and very expensive!! I'm paying off a $3995 loan right now! You can read about it, google BrailleNote Touch by HumanWare.
  10. Let me explain! Love the Keller joke!! I'm actually totally blind in my right eye, and can see a little out of my left, I explain it like this, I can see faces, but can't tell your expression. I also can't take good pics because of total lack of field perseption! My dad took the pic of the bat, but haven't been able to get anyone yet to take pics of the speaker for me. btw, if you're wondering how I got like this, I was born 3 months early July 15 1990, and only 1 pound. The doctor made a mistake and put to much oxyigen in me at one point, and ended up saying to my parents, "do you want a dead child or a blind one." But yeah, I'm pretty mug Keller when it comes to pics, but I play a hell of a mlb the show on ps4 and can beat anyone in fighting games lol!
  11. Oh man! Let me try to take some more! I'm home alone, so have no one to help at the moment! Maybe I should turn on the lights and take some!!
  12. Lol, I have Ebay to thank for that one! The app kept putting it for 3 days for some reason, every time I put 10!! I called them, and they said there was a glitch and to log out and log in. That fixed it. Now it's up for 10 days ending on June 1!
  13. We have bidding!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/263699310947
  14. You can also email me at hpaguero4@gmail.com We can do $325 with free shipping as well.
  15. Sorry for the bad pics! Being visually impaired, I'm horrible at taking them! Hoping for $300, but will go as low as $250, $45 shipping. I'm going to schedule UPS pickup from my house. Thanks guys!
  16. Wanted to post here for you guys, everyone has been awesome in helping me, and I want to give back in a small way! This is only about 30 days old, as new as it can be without being seald.
  17. http://www.ebay.com/itm/263699310947
  18. Good point, sorry about that!! Meant no harm.
  19. I am also trying to sell a center, my RP440c mint only 30 days old, asking $300 for it. If anyone is interested, they can email me at hpaguero4@gmail.com
  20. Here's my auction link! Pictures don't do it justice I know... ) https://www.ebay.com/itm/263699310947
  21. Man you're awesome!! That is a good thought! Lol, if you lived near me, I'd comition you to build it for me! Since I can't really see pics, I'm trying to visualize what you mean, the tv would go on top, and you'd build high enough to fit say the 8 inch rc64 under the wood. btw, would this work if I got it custom made?! https://www.amazon.com/LARGE-TV-RISER/dp/B00AQ95F6E/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&keywords=large tv riser syracuse tv&qid=1526470385&ref_=mp_s_a_1_2&sr=8-2
  22. I don't think that one would work, mine is 80 inches.
  23. I wish I could mount the tv! Maybe in the future when/if I move, when I have a good wall behind the tv, I can mount. Right now in our place, there's a huge window behind it, and no where else to put the tv. I have to stick with centers that fit hight wise for now. If anyone can think of anything better than the rp450c under 8 inches high, let me know!
  24. Ah, that one sounded great, but it's 8 inches high, had it for a day and had to return! That's what led me to the rp440c, and now to where I'm at wanting to upgrade again. 450c is 6.81 high, which is the same as my Pioneer vsx832, so at least I know it'll fit for sure!! I'm new with klipsch, so unless there's a really nice older model I don't know about with 5.25 and up, driver sizes with hight below 8, it seems like the only option for me as an upgrade would be 450c.
  25. Took some "blind" pun intended! pics, or tried to lol! Let me know if I got anything in view!
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