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  1. Hi, finally I get my self Marantz SR6013 is perfekt combination with my Klipsch RP260. No more ear tiredness 😁. Even my shitty sub Pionner SW160K sound good now. This is it.
  2. What about Marantz SR5012 and pm 8005? Suggestions are most welcome.
  3. Tnx, I bi-amp them from beginning with yamaha rx-v579😀, wondering about Denon avr3400 .. never even consider Pioneer now I have more to investigate 😎
  4. That was my first idea. But stereo amp have better sound for music than avr or I am just have blacebo effect 😁. I listen music/movies 70/30. I love Yamaha never got any problem with any of my reciver in past. But I read that Yamaha and Klipsch are both bright, and when I listen loud and I love to listen loud they start to be harsh and annoying. So....
  5. Hi everyone, I replaced my Klipsch RP250F with RP260F and run them with Yamaha RX-V579. I want to take best from them in stereo so do I pair them with ADVANCE ACOUSTIC x-i105 or Marantz 8005. I have Dac on RPi Allo Boss for streaming music. My idea is to run movies with Yamaha RX-A 870 or Denon avr3400h and music with ADVANCE ACOUSTIC x-i105 or Marantz 8005. Rest of my system is Klipsc RP250C, Klipsch R-14M for surround, sub is Pioneer SW160K(is so soo) Nvidia Shield for streaming movies. I am happy with sound in movies,but want better music. Help me to set best setup. I cant demo any of amps. Thanks for advices.
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