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  1. I haven't used PayPal in ages and I when I do, it is usually friends & family payments - so I had no idea they did that now! Thanks - guess I have some Terms & Conditions reading to do . . .
  2. I followed Shiva's ebay link and saw two of those ^ at the bottom of the page!! Either the guy us asking waaaaaaayyyyy too much, or they make the Paragon look like something from the bargain bin at a dollar store! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jim-B-Lansing-JBL-by-Ampex-Model-6000-150-4C-x8-375-Early-Bubble-Back-x4/123471558811?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D55583%26meid%3D0886aba360a141f58c132e279171f8b6%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D253680611252%26itm%3D123471558811&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219
  3. You're reaching. My statement is supported by the literature in the links. Not at all - I haven't commenting here long, but my history will show that was my only cantankerous comment. I go by the Golden Rule on forums. I don't initiate conflict and prefer courteous discussion, but if someone is hellbent on being nasty, I'll return the favor-especially if they are wrong.
  4. Yes, JBL was trying to copy the Klipschorn, as were numerous competitors of the day. At least that's what the JBL historical link said; sorry if my parroting was confusing. JBL's copy was called 'The Hartsfield' and they freely acknowledge copying Klipsch: http://www.audioheritage.org/html/profiles/jbl/hartsfield.htm. JBL also offers an explanation for its eventual demise that I hadn't seen before:
  5. Thanks for thinking of me! Looks like the post is still up . . . I've only done craigslist buys face-to-face with cash. Is there any way now to buy on craigslist from a distance without paying first and blindly trusting a stranger will come through or vice-versa? Reputable escrow services, maybe?
  6. [Wow, there were a few of these responses questioning its beginnings and purpose. I'm afraid you are all incorrect (and should've read the link before circle-[confirm]ing your errs), or should've read my comment closer before you "corrected" something that wasn't said.] Of course the unit pictured is designed for living room use. That is quite obvious from its construction and finish. I mentioned its original intent when making a comparison to the Heresy , as both companies thought a center was needed between corner-horns, which is an oft-discussed topic here, and the Paragon began as JBL's center channel. To build a center channel, JBL hired a consultant, Col. Richard Ranger, who was known for his work on Broadway stage sound systems and JBL brought him in to help compete against Klipsch. The Paragon was first thought as a center channel based on his diffusion principle. (see: link in my OP and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JBL_Paragon). It was later redesigned for the living room. But, even then the living room model was not its only purpose: It was also sold for commercial and professional use. "At the same time that the home version of the Paragon was introduced, there was an industrial variant that was intended for built-in applications such as studio monitoring and stereo movie sound reproduction." (Id.): Looks like someone thinks every post is directed to him personally and takes offense at anything he has seen before as if we are all supposed to know or care. Newsflash: you're on a multi-national conglomerate corporation's website and have no weight to throw around. I have no interest in your bitching - move on to the next post instead of crying about what you don't care about. Less than 1000 were ever built; far less exist today. They are in museums and certainly aren't "always for sale". The fact that one is sitting on craigslist for anyone to own one should be interesting to any audiophile or horn fan.
  7. Is this still For Sale? I can't find your AudioGon ad... Did you purchase it new or used from Upscaled?
  8. Have you looked at the ELAC EA Series Integrated? I also have Chorus IIs and was looking for amps about a year ago - I looked at most of the amps on your list, in fact, and ended up getting the ELAC. This amp packs a ton of features in for the price point. I also run my Chorus IIs in a 2.1 system and the ELAC has a sub-out and an impressive built-in subwoofer calibrator. Has a remote and a phone app for extended controls. BASH amp. Only drawback is no pre-outs, so you can't use it with another amp if you later want more power or more speakers than 2.1 (though, the 80W per channel is more than enough for the Chorus). https://www.soundandvision.com/content/elac-element-ea101eq-g-integrated-amplifierdac-review http://www.hifi-network.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/ELAC-Element-review_Hi-Fi-News.pdf
  9. I thought you guys might be interested in seeing this JBL Paragon that came up in my area Craigslist (I have no interest in this sale or relation to sale-just sharing a unique speaker system I stumbled upon). First I've seen anything like it. While not Klipsch, there is some relation: it was originally intended as a center channel in a theater to go between a pair of the Klipschorn copy that JBL was making at the time. Kinda like a Heresy, sort of. I'm surprised there hasn't been more attempts at making a wider "sweet spot" like this. Ad (more pics): https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/eld/d/jbl-paragon-d44000-vintage/6749406724.html Info and schematics (more pics): http://www.audioheritage.org/html/profiles/jbl/paragon.htm Edit to add: Click on "Harstfield" in the sidebar menu of second link to read about PWK and the Klipschorn copy.
  10. I started with SS amps with my Chorus IIs, but recently found a deal on an entry-level tube amp, so I thought I'd give it a shot to see if the hype was true - very happy I did. I really like the sound out of the tube amp. Especially with compressed files - which I try to avoid, but it's not a perfect world and I like recorded live shows/concerts. I think my system can show too many flaws of imperfect sources and the tube seems to smooth out harshness. My next amp will be a higher quality tube and I'm also starting to look into tube DACs, but I don't yet know where I stand on those - more "research" is required . . .
  11. Nightlight by McIntosh Edit: I wrote that as a joke - apparently at the same time jwc posted the link. Then I click the link: My god, it really is a $1500 nightlight. Speechless .
  12. Are Cornwall's shorter than Chorus? I guess I've never seen them side-by-side, but the CW's look short in the pic. The person I bought my Chorus from was selling because she got Cornwalls. I know CWs are wider, but I thought they'd be as tall. Makes me wonder how much of an upgrade CWs are over Chorus if the volume is about the same... What is next to the blue meters? Is that photoshopped or is the logo really that big and bright? Your neighbors across the street will know your brand!
  13. Topping D30 - about $110 on Amazon. I've had one for 6 months for connecting my laptop & ps3 (my cd player) to a tube amp and have been very happy with it. More inputs than anything decent in that price range: USB, coax & Optical. Very simple - it has 2 switches and no display. I like to think the money went into the sound instead of bells & whistles. Has great reviews for the price range. Sounds great. It even improved the sound from my laptop with my ELAC amp, which is supposed to have a very good internal DAC, so I just leave the inputs in the D30 and it makes switching between amps very easy.
  14. Congrats!! I share your frustration of not being able to hear all of the Heritage that I would like to hear. Did you find anything to demo prior to purchase? Did you go straight for the Cornwalls or consider other models? I recently bought a used pair of Chorus II with new titanium tweeters and I put in Crites' crossovers and I love them, but damn I would like to hear some K-horns, LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresys as well. Especially side-by-side . . . The person I bought the Chorus from moved to a bigger listening room and replaced them with Cornwalls, so I'm sure you've done well. I highly recommend the upgrades, though. Very easy to DIY.
  15. Glad to hear - that was my take as well. Efficiency made klipsch a stand-out through the analog years, so it doesn't make sense to me that you'd need huge power to make them sound right.
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