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  1. I am back in the game! Purchased a set of KG5.2s in pretty good shape! Only visible issue is a small tear in the surround of one of the radiators. I thought I'd sniff around and see if anyone has a used radiator before I pay $50 to have the rubber surround replaced. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Bsherck

    WTB. KG5.2s

    I still have seller's remorse after parting with my 5.2s back in 2013. I am still looking for a pair in good shape at a fair price. I am located in Minneapolis. Thanks for all ideas! Bill
  3. Thanks for the thoughts! These will be in my man cave. Spacing is roughly 28'x22' room with 11 foot ceilings.
  4. You bet! That is one of the sets I am considering. Is that series a small upgrade from the KGs? I'm also trying to figure out if I should wait for 20s with a midrange.
  5. Hi All, I am considering purchasing a used pair of KLF-10s with Crites upgrades. Looking for a few opinions on their sound quality, compared to other series. Fair pricing? They'll be used in a 2-channel Adcom system. I have had (and miss dearly), kg 5.2s, 2.2s, and still have a set of upgraded 3.2s. I am prepared to do some work on the cabinets, as I have heard they can rattle loose. Thanks a bunch for all thoughts!
  6. Thanks Madman. I agree, $425 is too much... I had nothing but good luck with my original 5.2s on a Carver system. Seller's remorse...
  7. Still looking. It seems these speakers are becoming tough to find. Is it because they are coveted by owners or just old and not many good pairs left?
  8. Looking for an affordable set in good shape the Midwest. I am in Minneapolis and often travel in the area. Much appreciated!
  9. So, how was the bonfire or are the speakers still for sale? Any links to the correct woofer replacement?
  10. Mimalmo, I'd be interested in seeing a few photos. I am more interested in yhe natural wood finishes. Thanks!
  11. I'd be interested to hear more of a comparison between the 5.2s and 5.5s. That said, 5.5 or Epics? My gut tells me the answer might be obvious?
  12. I am interested in a set that is clean in/near Minnesota. Thanks! https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/wan/d/wtb-klipsch-kg52-kg42-or-epic/6530403261.html
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