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  1. Thank you for your help. Maybe because very few people buy higher grade here. I will then just go for the reference pack.
  2. I can find the following: Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless 5.1 System $8,999.00 HD Wireless Control Center (2) RP-440WF powered floorstanding speakers (2) RP-140WM powered bookshelf speakers (1) RP-440WC powered center channel speaker (1) RP-110WSW powered subwoofer Remote control And if I buy separately: Klipsch Reference Premier RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker (pair) $2,999.00 Special Price $2,499.00 RP-440C $1,200 RP-240S $1,500 R-112SW $1,500 So actually like three times the price of a reference pack
  3. Thank you for your reply. So Klipsch Reference pack has much better cost performance in this case I guess?
  4. Hi there, I live in New Zealand and there are quite few choice here. I am considering the following package, mostly for home theater, I think I won't use them much for music. Klipsch Reference Entertainment Pack with Yamaha Receiver: Klipsch Reference R26F Floorstanding Speakers (KL-R26F) Klipsch Reference R15M Bookshelf Speakers (KL-R15M) Klipsch Reference R25C Centre Speaker (KL-R25C) Klipsch Reference 8" Subwoofer (KL-R8SW) Yamaha RXV483 Home Theatre Receiver (RXV483) Totally $2,810 And someone else suggested me to go directly to Klipsch Reference Premiere, which will cost me $8,000 with a suitable AV receiver. As their comment, lower ones just waste money. I am wondering if they worth the difference. And following is another package from the same seller, I am not sure if it's against the rules here to include it: Wharfedale Diamond 200 Entertainment Pack with Yamaha Receiver: Wharfedale Diamond 230 Floorstanding Speakers (DIAMOND-230B) Wharfedale Diamond 220 Bookshelf Speakers (DIAMOND-220B) Wharfedale Diamond 220 Centre Speaker (DIAMOND-220CB) Yamaha NS-SW100 Subwoofer (YA-NSSW100) Yamaha RXV383 Home Theatre Receiver (RXV383) Totally $2,288 It's a bit cheaper as you can see, so please help me make a decision
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