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  1. For the record... pun intended, the setup I got, as was, except for rewiring to the bass cabs (They cut the wires, it was easier to carry them to the construction dumpster separate) yes, dumpster, they were glad to pass them on they were going to take up too much room in the dumpster! Well... these speakers with the included Onkyo A-7090, hooked to my IPod, all I can say is Oh my God. Music I've heard for forty years, over countless setups, was as if I was hearing it for the first time... amazing, amazing, amazing. And this is in my garage. They did have false walls but they don't protrude past the side grilles, more like half assed attempt at enclosing the cabs but not attached in any way but damn they sound unbelievable
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/jfRnYNK54vK1NoO13
  3. They are home, safe and sound... they're in the garage... wait until my wife sees the size of them, hahahahahaha
  4. The wires on the crossovers definitely need attention, although looking original. It does look as though they wired up their entire sound system with wire you wouldn't trust to tie up old newspapers. To answer a question, I got a Onkyo A-7090 amp in the deal too... very happy on my end. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow or later tonight
  5. My shop is near a restaurant that has been closed for about five years or so and now the property has changed hands. The new owners know I'm somewhat of a half assed audio buff and offered up the sound system components to me. I now am the proud owner of 1975 Klipschorns, in great shape, and working order I am assuming. Are there any precautions I should take, or do, before firing them up remembering they've been sitting quite some time?
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