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  1. Thanks, yea, I’ll go with the 64II.. The 1.75 tweet sold me..
  2. @wvu80 I have RF-82’s..... Front RC-62 X 2... Ctr and Ctr Ht RS-62II’s.... Rear surr RS-52’s...... Front Ht RS-42’s X 2.... One pair.... Rear Ht RS-35’s...... Middle ... Ht. Pushed by a Marantz SR7009. i want to sell both sets of 42’s and 1 RC-62 and replace the center channel with either a RC-64 or the RC-64II. Im only using one pair of the RS-42’s and want to replace them with RC-62 or 62II’s you said you have heard both RC-64 and 64II. ??
  3. I just paid $600.00 including shipping for a pair that have orig boxes,documents and accessories. on a scale of 1-10 they are def a 10+. hope this helps
  4. Looking to buy : RC-64 RC-64Ii RS-62 RS-62II AND WILL SELL 2 PAIR of RS-42’s that are a 10 acoustical 1 pair = 9 cosmetically 1 pair = 8 cosmetically will send pics if interested. Thanks, Bill
  5. Sorry, I thought it was the entire speaker ..
  6. Hello all, im looking to complete my REFERENCE SERIES IV surround system. im looking for any of the listed below.. RS-62 RS-52 RS-35 RS-3 1996-1999 thanks
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