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  1. The 7 is 2nd Gen. Best one in my opinion....
  2. I am selling my last 2 amps, well that I am gonna sell. One is an XPA-7 which makes my RF-7 II's sound amazing!!!! Huge Difference! And the other is my XPR-2's 1100 Watts per channel. The 2's are Brand New (Been sitting in the box in a closet since new. The pic is of my XPR-5 since the others are in a box sealed. Looks the same, just has 2 channels instead of 5. Price is $1100 for the 7 and the 2's are $1,400 apiece. Would rather not ship the 2's and would prefer to have someone demo them in person, but I will ship at buyers expense as long as u insure for $2k. The XPR's are not the best shippers is why I say that. The Zip code from where I will take is 37013. 110lbs. Prices are FIRM and u are NEVER gonna get a chance to own New XPR's unless there is some other rare nut that stored his for years as well, lol.
  3. Willland I didn't mean made by the same people, just sound wise everyone at the house not knowing which amp was hooked up couldn't tell difference was so ever. Anyway I need to get back to selling the amps, this convo has taken a turn lol.
  4. Well when u buy second hand that kinda comes with the territory. To many people ruin stuff sell it then try and claim warranty when they buy it cheap from someone. Not saying u did that by any means just saying it happens ALOT and that costs these companies lots of money and time, especially such a small one. The Bassx line was meant to be a much cheaper product, that was the whole purpose of it. Like I said mine sounds amazing. Rotel is not that great had a few of their products and Outlaw is the same thing as Emotivas higher series. Well good luck with whatever u do.
  5. I have none of those issues u speak of, sorry u are having bad luck with it. I can say I have NEVER had a great experience with most AV Receivers. Call their customer service, they are GREAT!
  6. I haven't tried the UPA Yet, or the Bass X amps, but I am actually impressed with my MC-700 Processor. I had a higher end Denon I was using and I can tell you its far superior movies and Music. It did however sound pretty bad before I set it up. But man what a difference after setting it up. I just went semi-cheap waiting for the RMC-1, as no point in buy the XMC now if I am going to get the even bigger one, haha. If u haven't tried the MC-700 you should, and I came from my Denons and $2,800 Integra and I would choose the MC over either every time.
  7. I am selling a few of my amps off. These are basically New that have been sitting for a Loooooooong time in hopes of a home theater room that was never built. I have unboxed and hooked them up just to test them to make sure everything was functioning as normal. I have an Emotiva XPR-5 thats 575 Watts per channel at 8 ohms all channels driven, and 1100 Watts at 4 Ohms all channels driven. I also have a XPR-1 thats 1000 watts at 8 ohms, and 1750 at 4 Ohms. And last but not least, an XPR-2 600 watts at 8, and 1100 if i'm correct at 4 ohms. Price is $1,600 for the 5, and $1,400 for the other 2. I am firm on prices and no trades, sorry. This is the only photos I took as the rest are back in the boxes. They look identical. I am not really looking to ship as these don't ship well. Please message me with any questions. Location is Nashville TN. Thanks
  8. I am selling my SVS SB13 Ultra Subwoofer. It has 3 1/2 years of warranty left and work and sounds AMAZING. Its 3700 watts and is the cleanest sounding subs I have heard. Price is $850 Firm. I am only selling because I am getting 2 16ULTRA's. I am located in Murfreesboro TN and not really looking to ship.
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