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  1. Can I buy 1 sub-woofer from a rsb-14, but w/o the soundbar, just the sub from Klipsch so I can pair two together and have two subs and my soundbar? Or anyone know where I can get one?
  2. I agree 1000%, snakes, who cares, BEE's Now I'm payin attention, I'm a Journeyman Lineman and we get bee's in our equipment all the time, metal poles, street lights, j-box's, transformers, ect ect, We have annual bee training, so I hear ya bro, I can 99% of the time see a rattler, just take a few steps away, but get stung by 1 bee and the pharamone scent is in ya and the rest come to it to defend the colony by the thousands. When ya start gettin head bumped by a bee or two, run, forrest, run!
  3. Ya, AJ A bit N of you, But I hunted down there for 25 years, archery coues deer in sassabee, arivaca ruby n all that. Warsaw canyon, yellow jacket, alot down S of the BANWR down antalope rd into the marijana mtns. till I got robbed at gunpoint
  4. I thought I was in the photography section???
  5. In Arizona here, the sun rises over the Superstition Mtns, with a lil bit of luck, on a monsoon evening in the summer, it will set across the desert with stunning drama.
  6. In Arizona here, the sun rises over the Superstition Mtns, with a lil bit of louds, it can be a great sunrise!
  7. Just a bit more than what this little thing puts out ya know, for a sound bar its great, mids n highs are ok, but it just needs lows, I would love to have the r 115sw, but I only have wi fi and I was told by crutchfield that it wont work with the freq of the sound bar and there was no way to make it work. I was thinkin, well maybe I could find 1 more like fer like 8" sub from another rsb-14 and pair em together with the sound bar to make it all work together and get a lil bit more low end??? Thx for the welcome!
  8. KevinM


    Kinda thinkin maybe I can pair a 2nd 8" sub from anothe rsb-14 so I have 2 subs workin together, paired through wi-fi, soooo lookin for a 8" sub from the rsb-14, dont need the sound bar tho.
  9. I have a rsb-14 with that little 8" sub, (WI-FI), Not quite enough sub for me, but dont want to go all out on stereo stuff, just lookin to add 1 bigger better sub OR 1 more 8" sub exactly like the one that came with the rsb-14, any thoughts or advice from ya'all out there, thx in advance.
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