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  1. A very Interesting thread, as I am looking into/wanting a pair of Heresy to pair with my amp, but I have no floor space available. They would have to seat on an oak end tables.
  2. Thank you for the very insightful replies, and the mini history lesson. I've never really measured this room...yet, but it is on the small side. I don't perceive it as a lively room, a bit on the dry side but not dead. The current speakers are about 6.5 feet from each other, within a foot of a wall, with my listening spot around 9ft (+/- a foot) from them. Luckily for my future self, the downstairs and one side neighbor; "ear bleeding" levels are NOT being considered. :-) I will get to audition the amp this Saturday and I will keep your advice in mind to check in what condition the electronics are in. darren
  3. Hi all, New to the forums and had a question. My current Onkyo R520 and its speakers are poing to be shipping off so I need a replacement. One of the amps I'm looking at is a '58 Bogen DB212 integrated amp with a (massive) 12W output. After budget & physical space was considered I'm thinking about going with the RP-160s, due to their sensitivity. Any issues or problems with that type of pairing? thanks in advance.
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