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  1. Thanks Bill, Yea I have heard that 37 watts RMS in 1975 is a complete different value today. Never did get a grip on if possible or how to compare the values from different ereas. I remember when some unsavory marketing was being allowed to boast of ridiculous power ratings at stupidly low prices. Started around the time Pyle was brought to the market. I can say with confidence that the Sansui sounds as good if not better at 37 watts RMS into 8 Ohms as the so called 145 watts RMS into 6 OHMS (factory rating) of the Sony. Some day I hope to at least get back to the NAD or Denon level of quality.
  2. Fantastic! Glad to hear what you are both saying. I was looking at the specs on those RF-280's as replacements and noticed they were in the same ball park as the older models. Some of my music choices can include soft passages (as in Chick Corea.. from Stanley Clark's bass solo to - OH MY GOD that was loud!!!) and i was worried about an old adage that dirty power is more damaging to speakers than high power. I think this Sony should be clean enough to not worry. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey Tom.. I just joined this forum also but have been around Klipsch - even performed a guitar duo through a pair of heresy's that was a welcome sound to the audience. My two bits is to say - HA HA your are HOOKed on Klipsch now!! That is PAYBACK for me getting HOOKed on Land Rovers.. :-) (not really fair since I have spent more on my Rovers than any speakers.. but felt good to say) Good luck on your search!
  4. Hi - been around Klipsch long b4 there was anything but the Heritage, fell in love with the openness of B&W's but ended up in a small home with a pair of RB35's These were bi-amped on an old classic Sansui QRX 6500 and sounded GREAT! BUT life goes on and furniture changes and The Sansui is setting in a shed. (sin) Now the newest amp to power these RB35's is a Sony STR DH770 which is Bi-Ampable. BUT is rated at 145 per - RMS! (RB35's are rated for 125 - 500 peak) Am I going to hurt the rb35s with the 145 per component (bi-amped) and if so what will I be hearing as they start to deteriorate? Since I have bi-amped them I have come as close as I can to that sweet sound I got from the QRX 6500 - but that beast is not welcome in the house (size and looks per the wife - I know - nuther story..) BUT the Sansui was only rated at 35 rms per (discrete) channel.. All you newbies to the field :-) - give me you thoughts.. Thanks
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