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  1. Thanks for your impressions M_Klipsch, shame that the TT is to big to really be used as a table. I am thinking that maybe a double T18 has more table like dimensions, even if the placement in the room is not reccomended. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M_Klipsch, great thread and amazing build. In these days of self imposed social distancing I have followed the build with great interest and looked forward for progress. I have the T18, Auto and TableTuba Longstyle plans, but never got around to build one, as I have been going back and forth on wich one to build. Am very curious on how the T18 and the Table compare Keep it up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ...must resist tinkering with my Heresies... ... must hold on a bit... The original Super Heresy thread is really what pushed me to upgrade from the rp-160s. But I really want to keep the configuration stock before doing anything. This is so tempting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for posting your project. I really liked the patina on post #7, and had it been me I might have been tempted to keep them like that. There is some hard life history oozing from them! But the black duratex looks really classy, they turned out great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. All things being equal, a red horn is much faster sounding than a normal black one. Everyone knows that!
  6. During the years, I have come to realise that what I am looking for in a speaker is not ultimate details, deeeeep bass or Concert level sound pressure. The Heresies are very dynamic and lifelike. There is a presence to the sound that resonates with my ears. Currently they are resting on the TV console and that places them just a bit to high for the tweets to be more at ear level. I hope that lowering them on custom stands is going to do help creating a stronger 3D illusion, which is one of the traits that I value in a speaker. (the small Tanbergs in the photo excel in this but lack the snap the Hereires have.) Amplification curtesy of this little gem. EL84 push pull VA-One by QUAD
  7. Current list of tweaks 1. sanded down and oiled up with 1-3 turp oil ration 2. new 2uF sonicaps installed 3. Tweets Crites CT120s 4. Swapped back with 3/4 plywood and installed more user friendly terminals 5. no plans to change woof or k55...yet 6. move from temporary placement by TV and build appropriate stands playing sweet music now
  8. I got a pair of 22s in my Heresies that I am am freshening up. The only thing that I noticed on inspection was that the cloth surround was rather dry to the touch compared to my GPA414s. But they were much newer. Wonder if they should be treated once in a while. At least the surrounds don’t rot. To counter potential sag from 40 years of gravity I Did considered monting the woofers upsidedown when putting them back in the cab. But the leads didn’t reach far enough to get to the crossover so I dropped the idea. They sound great anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @Dave S Congrats on the build, hope it sounds as good as it looks. Did you get a chance to compare the A55-Gs with the K53? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I don’t even think they have 25 in stock at my shop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 18mm is perfect, 22 is just massive. Go for good quality ply, and if in doubt add a brace. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. MCP you will like the rp160 for sure. Ironically I just sold mine to finance a Heresy purchase. had them for about a year, but the heresies popped up close by and I had to jump on them. They are rare after all. Enjoy the 160s, and don't rush. keep and eye out for Heritage sales and something will come
  13. Awesome work. you are realky making fast progress on this project!
  14. Finally an update did some veneer and crossover work and decided to move shop over in the tech and mods section. the troubleshooting turned more into a restoration. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/182746-heresy-troubleshootind-partii/ See you there
  15. And here is a shot of the cabs with and without the oil/turp. This is after 5 layers. Very satisfying bringing the veneer back to its shine. Thanks for all the advice so far.
  16. This is a continuation from the “Heresy troubleshooting” I started in the 2 channel section. Figured I move my Heresy posts here, as my project is turning more into a restoration than a trouble shoot. the original started here: Tested some new 2uF caps in the Type D schematic and that removed most of the strange noises. Swapped out the Quad 306 for another Quad 405-2 and that cured completely the issue. Here is the rework with some quick and dirty connections. Am currently looking at the differences between type D and E. Might completely refresh the first crossover to E type and compare.
  17. That base is very cool! congrats on the speakers.
  18. @dirtmudd thanks for the tip. I have a pair of CT120 inbound
  19. The work week got in the way. Very little progress. Just a bit of sanding. a before and after shot I wonder if this thread should be moved in the tech and mods forum. and yeah the speakers are not THAT big, I agree. It’s just as you guys say, nowdays a speaker the size of a soda can do it all.....right?
  20. Thanks for the advice. but 3 to 1 in favour of Turpentine...isn't that a lot? I was thinking more 1 to 1 and apply many thin layers. The garage is my painting studio as well, so I have a lot of materials that need special attention. and to every one else, thanks for sharing the crossover schematics. Did a print out of all and am comparing notes on them.
  21. @M_Klipsch the first thing my wife said we I got home was : Wow they are ugly. The second thing: they are big! I am sure the black matt paint wasn’t helping either. Well the sanding is going fine, and the walnut veneer is in pretty good shape. Just a bit of patina. it gives the speakers a bit of personality. am working in the garage/paint studio so the house is safe. And am wearing a dust mask. The veneer is pretty dull now, but am planning on using some oil and lacquer as a finishing touch. Haven't made up my mind on what oil to use though. I want the texture of the walnut to really pop, and don't mind it the veneer gets darkened a bit. Did also the leak test and sealed the inside while at it.. fixed a couple of gaps here and there. The caps were not the only thing in the shopping cart. There is some Damping egg crate foam to, Super Heresy style. when the caps get here I’ll get to work on the crossovers. @MC39693 thanks, I like it here! have been browsing the Crites site, and am well aware of Claude's work on the Heresy. Amazing effort. I really wan to focus on getting the speakers up and running with minimal changes, and then venture down the upgrade path. I will make a new back panel and install better terminal cups. this way I am "port ready" as I don't want to cut in the original back piece.
  22. nah didn't pop up at sellers house, but I wasn't playing to lound either. not that I am cranking the volume up normally. Regardless I have a pretty cool pair of Heresy now. will be a cool project to get them up an running again
  23. Hi am looking for some Crites CT-125 tweeters for my HERESY I. CT-120 could be of interest to, but the 125 are more in my price range (when new). Am located in Denmark, and can pay with PAYPAL Additionally if you have 1 Diaphragm for the K77 let me know. Thanks!
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