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  1. Thanks everyone. I just redid the solder joints and they sound much better! The mid bass is what I expected where as before it was pretty weak. I didnt notice any muddiness except for a little bit when playing a Foo Fighters LP. I tried a different Foo Fighters LP that is a 45 and it was better so it may just be the recording. Everything else I listened to was gold and the trumpets in Chicago songs are breathtaking. I am going to continue to go though these to make sure they are 100%. Is there a way to test the autoformer?
  2. I just took a closer look and the solder joints and they are mega cruddy. Some of them only have a couple strands soldered to the cap wire. Im surprised anyone would find this work acceptable enough to decide that its ready to listen to. I have a good feeling this is the issue.
  3. Thanks for the info. I turned the back panel back to the correct orientation. Is there anyway to find out how many were made with this finish? Also, any idea what the grill fabric is called?
  4. Thanks everyone. I will take a closer look at the crossovers later today. Here is a pic of the back tag as well as one of the crossovers that I took yesterday. I will let you guys know what I find!
  5. Yesterday I drove 9 hours and picked up my first set of Heresies, and actually my first set of heritage series. They are 1979 Persian Nut and are stunning! Practically mint all the way around and inside out. The crossovers were rebuilt with the Crites kit about a month ago. I have never seen a nice looking speaker. I cannot find any reference out there to a set with this finish. Has anyone seen a set of these before? Is there anyway to find out how many were ordered with that finish? As for the sound, I am coming from a set of KG 4.2s that have Mundorf caps, mills resistors, and the Crites diaphragms. The Heresies are clearer sounding and they really shine with some songs but seem to get overwhelmed and muddy with most. I am thinking something is not right here as my KGs play everything flawless, and the Hereies seem to have a better reputation. Is this a sign that the mid K-55-v diaphragm needs replacement or something else. So far in testing I have listened mostly classic rock, Pink Floyd, Grateful Deal, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Chicago, and lots of other stuff. My music is mostly flacs ripped from CDs playing through Roon, and my turntable. I find it hard to believe that these would have the reputation that they have with what I am hearing and want to get them to 100%. Thanks
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