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  1. Hello Klipsch fans! I've been asked by those following my home theater build videos over the past couple years to post a current and complete walk through video. I finally got around to documenting the completed basement build. It took me over two years from design to final build of what you see here and I did it all with my own two hands and it's been a ton of work. All my audio systems throughout the house are Klipsch so I thought it particularly relevant to post it on this forum. Here are some pics of the final areas as well as the full video tour down to the collectibles in my media room.
  2. I put together a video showing how I ended up having over 30 Klipsch speakers in my home. Let me know how many speakers you have in the comments section!
  3. I have a build thread on another forum: Twin Odin Subwoofer Build
  4. I love my Klipsch. I had these in the living room for a while before my theater was built and the wife was pissed when I had to move them out into the theater. I put in a set of NHT's and that was a total joke to her. I had to get a set of powered Klipsch bookshelf speakers to appease her till I can get another set of towers. Anyway, here is my theater build. It's basically finished and I have not posted a new video on my channel yet. I did build my own custom Subwoofers. No one manufacturers anything like them. You can view see the entire build process from the ground up at my youtube channel. Furious Wookiee Home Theater build featuring Klipsch speakers
  5. I plan to come up with my final solution this weekend. I am in the process of framing out the theater room and basement in general but everything was put on hold for an injury I got last week. I do already own the speakers and plan to do a more thorough brainstorming on how I'll tackle this now that I'm ready to get going again.
  6. Based on the comments here I will look into just using longer screws. It's a simple but still genius idea to solve the depth problem. Now... what is the spec on these screws. hmm
  7. I will install 4 of these in a new construction ceiling in my basement theater room as well as two more in an adjacent Atmos gaming room. The ceiling will be 2 layers of 5/8" Type X drywall for a total thickness of 1 1/4" plus a backer box that I am building out of 1/2" plywood. The total overall thickness will then be 1 3/4". Will the mounting clips in the CDT-5800-C be large enough to accommodate that depth and still provide a nice tight connection? I considered building the box without the bottom since it will be snug between two studs but I wanted the bottom plate with the cutout in it so I can rotozip through the drywall and trace the inside cutout already perfectly made in the plywood.
  8. I had a fairly robust budget to work within but so many unexpected things occurred during the sale of my old house and the closing on the new that I have been forced to make several compromises. I did not want to skimp on the speakers since I hope to keep them nearly forever. AVR's come and go and I can always add more power in the future if I really feel the need. I don't disagree about separates but in the foreseeable future I am sticking with minimal hardware to accomplish an 11 channel Atmos system with the intent to let it evolve over time.
  9. The Marantz SR8012 will drive this system easy. It's only going to be in a 14'x25'x9' room.
  10. Emotiva's recent podcast suggested Dolby is about ready to announce something incredible that people will be excited to hear. Emotiva's new RMC-1 is close to release and they have the most current processor so they know something and they're not allowed to talk about. If Dolby is imposing restrictions they are likely going to allow upmixing within Dolby's parameters. That's my hope anyways.
  11. For my own sake I'm posting that I finally bought and now own the RF7-III towers and III center channel as well as 4 of the RB-81 II's plus 4 of the CDT-5800 C II In-Ceiling Speakers. Funny thing is I bought the RF7 II towers and center online but the dealer didn't have them in stock and upgraded me to the III's at no extra charge. I've decided to power this system with the Marantz SR8012. It's nearly impossible to find any reviews online or people that have these yet to kind of help me kill the time by reading about them or watching REAL reviews. I'm aware of Youthman, who seems to be sole online spokesperson for Klipsch but that's about it. And what's worse is I have to store these till December because I'm having a house built and have to keep them in storage. This is killing me. I wish there was more activity online besides a few forum posts. I did get the R-15PM powered monitors for my temporary apt and they are awesome, too bad I can't crank them to see their full potential.
  12. Thank you. It's still very much a focus of mine to get the closest sound quality match around the room. I do not want to have an itch to change something or upgrade equipment for a good long time once this is installed. My current system consists of Definitive Technologies UIW RLS II in-wall speakers for my front left and right channels (from 2013), a ported Paradigm center channel speaker I picked up at a hi-fi shop nearly 18 years ago, NHT Super Zero's (or SuperOne’s I can’t remember anymore) as my side left and right channels that are nearly 20 years old and a set of Polk LS F/F bipole surrounds as my rear channels which are almost 25 years old. This is a bastardized build years in the making that has always bothered me and never gave me the satisfaction of immersive audio that I've always wanted.
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