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  1. @willland Hey Bill, I have 2 more questions now that I have the system dialed in. 1. Center channel has a tinny sound coming from the tweater. All the others are good to do. Speakers are wired correctly with banana plugs 10 gauge wire. Suggestion? 2. If I was to upgrade my receiver, what is the top shelf best receiver I could get that wont blow my speakers? Thank you in advance, Demian
  2. @willland Thank you. Yes I set at 6ohms and my ears are now bleeding at 75 on the volume with perfect sound. Past that is just plain torture in symphonic love. Thankfully was a just a setting issue. Happy boy! Thanks for the help. Demian
  3. @willland Thank you for the warm welcome I am relatively new to higher sound systems so please pardon any newbe questions. You should have the setting on 6ohms. From my memory, Onkyo offers 2 choices, 4ohms and 6ohms, and 6ohms is the recommended setting by most mfr's. I looked at Klispch specs and think I recall it is recommended for them to run at 4ohms. So that is why I set it to 4 on the amp even tho the amp is "rated" for 6 or 8ohms" So question is do I follow the amp 6ohms or the speaker 4ohms? I am also not bi-amping the speakers but do have the option. As for size of room, it is on the smaller side and yes the 15" sub is wahahahahayyyyy overkill, but it was an offer I could not pass up. My fiance has been to more concerts than I can count and she likes to feel the music as well as annoy the neighbors. So when I turn up the volume I get distortion at 75 and up. Is this due to underpowered amp or wrong ohm setting? Thoughts? Demian
  4. Hello all and thank you for your help. I am new to Klispch since I recently received a pair of RP-280's. First my setup. Front RP-280's with RP-140sa Atmos on each. Center RP 450c, Rear RP-250's and the subwoofer is a R-115sw. I am running 14 gauge wire to all. I was also given a NAD-765 receiver but it is not 4K (I was told by NAD they are working on an update, but it's still not done). I also have an Onkyo TX-RZ620 4K receiver. So my question, are either of these receivers powerful enough for the speakers above or should I look into bigger, better, stronger one? If so, which is your recommendation and why? Currently I am using the Onkyo running @ 4 ohms and when I crank the volume past 75-80, I get distortion which I heard can be damaging to speakers. True? Also, what wattage should I be looking for? I have not hooked up the NAD since it is not 4K but I suppose I can run all video directly to TV and then run audio back to the NAD. As a side note, the NAD does provide 140 watts per channel but no 4k or Atmos, the Onkyo is 110 but is 4K and has Atmos. I truly appreciate your recommendation and feedback.
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