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    1965 k-horns upgraded,adcom 555ii, carver c-4000,project genie w/speedbox,technics sl-m2,nad 525bee, rw12 sub

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  1. pds450

    What I Got Today!

    65 klipschorns upgraded.
  2. pds450

    What I Got Today!

    Very good shape. caps 10 yrs ago cleaned up and has deoxit used on it.
  3. pds450

    What I Got Today!

    I got a pioneer sx-1080 for 200 bux today. please tell me i did good!!!
  4. Yes, i may do that. I had a pair in my cornwalls.
  5. I did go with new type A's. i DO have extra tweeters tho just in case!
  6. Absolutely love them! put in new crossovers, coupla coats of tung oil, they look and sound beautifull!
  7. went to spicoli's garage and came home with these!
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