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    La scala

    Try the picture hosting in my signature below. It's utterly simple.
  2. "The better the speaker the worse it sounds, until the other sources of distortion and inaccuracy have been eliminated” - PWK (Quoted from memory, so any inaccuracies are strictly mine!)
  3. As an owner of two pair of KG4, I can confirm this information.
  4. I was going to ask if that is the side of a Paragon machine in the background...? One of my all time favorites!
  5. How about veneering them? It hides a multitude of sins. I think you could sell them in the $1,200 to $1,400 range if you improve the WAF. Ignore me, I must have been drinking. *<;o)
  6. Both the USB and digital optical basically carry the same information, just on different paths. Back in the early '90's, we called it the Useless Serial Bus, because the new PC's had the ports, but you couldn't find anything to connect with them. Gawd. Here I go, dating myself again.
  7. That's funny. All of mine are pro with the exception of the Super Heresy. I'm redoing the cabs so that they look like their pro cousins.
  8. Does your motherboard have an optical connector, or the sound card only? That optical connector is much preferred over copper, as the opportunity for electrical interference on that line goes away. It's digital so no data loss between your PC and whatever you are using on the speaker side. Mallette is right about most onboard sound cards being superior to cheap add-on sound. I listen to a 7.1 surround ( @Mallette, this is not intended as one-upsmanship! ) connected from my PC to an Onkyo surround receiver via fiber optic. You should definitely choose this if possible over any other connection method. Bluetooth is getting better, but it is still based on radio technology that eats batteries for breakfast, lunch, and so forth. It's not a solution for a permanent installation, IMHO. Other folks might disagree with my assessment. *<;o)
  9. Actually, they are pro level speakers costumed as home stereo equipment by adding veneer.
  10. Here's one of mine, on top of a KP-1000: For scale, the horn is a K-601.
  11. @carlthess40 Carl did mean Allen Organ amps. He sold me 6 of them a while back, and I use them one each on the KP-3002 right / left mains, a couple of KP-1000 garage speakers (with added squawkers & horns), and the pair of KPT-100 that I use for the center channel. These amps are fantastic, with an RCA input for the line level feed that connects to the pre-amp outputs on my surround receiver. If you can find them, they are well worth experimenting with. Massive capacitors and other pieces. They look like a tube amp (almost) and they put out a true 100W RMS. There is plenty of headroom, and they have a gain knob (which makes it easy to balance with the other speakers in the 7.1 array).
  12. I just realized something interesting. This mod sounds nearly identical to the KP-302/3002 in quality and SPL.
  13. I recently purchased a pair of K-70-G 1.75" titanium compression squawkers and the 2-way crossovers pulled out of a KP (KI?)-262 from @jjptkd. I decided to see how they sounded when put into a Heresy cabinet. The K-70 spun onto the K-700 horn perfectly with a new rubber grommet, and I replaced the Super Heresy E / Cornwall B with the KP-262 crossover. I left the Eminence Delta Pro 12A in place as the woofer. I disconnected the tweeter and left it in the cab, since the 262 is a two-way speaker. During some "critical listening" while doing an A/B between the Super Heresy and the new H-262, the sound seems even cleaner. More "full and rich", and the mids are more forward and prominent. It also seems to take less power to reach my normal listening level on the "new" speaker. Maybe the old K-55’s needed rebuilt? Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Supers, and have happily listened to them every day since completing the build. Could the difference be the newer, pro crossovers in addition to the heavier duty squawkers? <——-(this is a somewhat rhetorical and idiotic question...). *<;o) I am listening to the Eagles’ Desperado and Old '55, and the sound is sweet. Queen is up next. Genesis on "I Can't Dance" was snappy and fun. I will update this thread over time as I listen to them. I don't have anything I can measure sound with, although I might consider picking something up sometime soon. Any suggestions? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. VERY sage advice. Pop (my father's father) had a great uncle and another family member that were Civil War vets. He grew up knowing them, and I grew up knowing him. My mother's mother died in April, and she was in the WAVES in WW2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAVES I never expected to have grandparents in my mid 50's. I was lucky.
  15. He was born in 1922, and was 19 when the war started for the US.
  16. I think I can share this one on the forum: One of his brothers came in through Normandy. The other fought Rommel in North Africa. Claude (the one that landed in Normandy) was told that his brother had been killed. He fought up through France into southern Germany, and ended up in a foxhole hiding from a sniper. He heard running feet behind and glanced back to make sure they were Americans. These guys jumped in the hole with him, so he turned to the one next to him to bum a smoke. It was the brother he was told had been killed. He had came up through Italy, and both ended up in the same foxhole in a small German village. If you wrote that into a script, no one would believe it. From what he told me it turned into a party right there in the mud.
  17. That he was. His funeral was on Tuesday, and he lived a long and happy life. 98 years old, and still "interested in the ladies" right to the end. One of six brothers to serve in WW2. He was the last of 14 siblings.
  18. I've always used a measure that my grandfather taught me: If you have $500 in one hand and the amp in the other, which do you keep and which goes to the other guy? @Voice_Of_Reason A long winded way of saying that value is subjective, always.
  19. That amp driving Epics will run you out of the room long before you get to any limiter. Plenty of headroom; I think you will be happy.
  20. Do you mean that your woofers look different from each other? If both woofers are marked identically, then they are the same version of the driver... If the cones look different, they could have come from different batches from the actual company that built them. Alnico, Eminence, and so on. It is also possible that a previous owner blew out a woofer (difficult to do in a Klipsch, but it can be done) and had it replaced under warranty. Their cat could could have sharpened his claws on one woofer, and an eBay replacement was installed. Who knows? If you are referring to your woofers looking different from some of the other CW1 photos, different years might have had a different supplier building woofers to the specs laid out by Paul Klipsch. (I realize by this time he probably had others design and spec parts, but you get the idea)
  21. I've seen some where they are asking $600 - $700 a pair. $100 or even $200 for a working pair is a steal! I wish I could find a set of them anywhere near that price.
  22. Give the image instructions in my signature below a try. You can upload as many photos as you like, with no size limitations.
  23. Are you a cabinet maker in real life? I only ask because of the professional level of work on these... Simply fantastic!
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    KP320 - $275 MN

    ...And they're gone...
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