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  1. Viva has been one of my main go-to vendors for quality tubes. I've never had a bad experience with them.
  2. I would imagine all new tubes sound better after a certain period of break in.
  3. I tried both the EH and JJ and stuck with the SED. The vendor sent me a nice 274b I haven't tried yet but as long as the tubes I have now sound great, I'm in no rush to roll. Glad you found those SED's . Good value for sure.
  4. You're good. I actually went and checked my original Shuguang (4-pins) and every other one I had left (5-pins). I like the SED tubes' 8 little coils on the top. Cool looking fire bottle for sure.
  5. This was the best I could come up with. http://rutubes.com/product/5c3s-5u3c-5u4g-tube/ A datasheet may exist somewhere in the intarwebs...
  6. Good deal. I got as kick out of the original boxes they came in. You could almost smell the Communism emanating from them...😎
  7. These are my go-to rectifiers for the 5U4-G https://nesstone.com/product/sed-5u4gb-winged-c-premium-rectifier-tube/ I've got a few backups just in case.
  8. Been using a quad of 7581a's in my PrimaLuna for about 2 weeks now. So far no glitches to mention. I bought mine from Viva in Mass.
  9. Let them break in for a while and they'll sound even better.
  10. I believe the expression is spelled voila. I'm seriously considering The LPBin system myself. I've grown tired of all the different ways I store LP's.
  11. I always thought that peak was my La Scala trying to add a bit of its own 'voice' to the music. 😁
  12. You could always pick up a nice MS-23B for your phono needs...
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