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  1. KlipschFan61

    China tube fast

    Let them break in for a while and they'll sound even better.
  2. I believe the expression is spelled voila. I'm seriously considering The LPBin system myself. I've grown tired of all the different ways I store LP's.
  3. KlipschFan61

    LaScala Helmholz trap for 140 Hz peak?

    I always thought that peak was my La Scala trying to add a bit of its own 'voice' to the music. 😁
  4. KlipschFan61

    Pre amp required with Yaqin MC-13s for vinyl??

    You could always pick up a nice MS-23B for your phono needs...
  5. KlipschFan61

    new tube amp in the house!

    Schu, you need more stuff. 😜👍
  6. KlipschFan61

    How much toe-in do you use

    I very much appreciate your suggestions but this isn't my first rodeo. The La Scala's sound best with no toe in my listening space.
  7. KlipschFan61

    How much toe-in do you use

    No toe-in for me. My listening space is much too small to support it.
  8. The Elac stuff looks compelling but I've done run out of places to put more speakers!
  9. Steve's been softening his stance on horns lately.
  10. KlipschFan61

    Tube Amp Buying Advice

    I've got something similar and it sounds amazing with either the La Scala or the Heresy. i would imagine it would make the Chorus sound fine also.
  11. KlipschFan61

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    Thanks for the offer Schu. I'm eyeing a matched pair right now but I've got the holiday money crunch going on and spending $195 on a set of driver tubes when I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping will surely bring me bad karma! My b-day in in January so I'll probably buy them then. Got to be able to rationalize buying more tubes ya know....👍😁
  12. KlipschFan61

    A-55G Midrange Driver....

    Running the same top box stuff. Crites 120 tweeters, K-55 G squawker and the A/4500 networks. The La Scalas are now buttery instead of barky.
  13. KlipschFan61

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    I'm coveting the Treasure CV-181's for my little KT88 single-ender. Still can't quite pull the plug on them yet as the PSVane 6SN7's in there now just sound too sweet to roll out..
  14. KlipschFan61

    My New Power Tube Caddy

    I'm more of a cigar box kind of guy meself..