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  1. Thanks for the advice related to the images. I was able to resize a few using good old Paint. Generally these speakers all are in condition similar to what you'll see in this post and the next....no need for overkill. Anyone who's interested, let's talk : )
  2. Update on the Klipsch KP-362's..... I drive over to see them, take some good pics, come back to upload them, and find out the MAX amount of data I can post is 2 MB..... Ouch.... EACH of the 13 pics I have is between 2 MB and 3 MB in size. And that's with the lowest res my new phone will do. So I have pics if anyone's interested, but I'm still trying to figure out a way to put at least a couple of them on here. I may try to download a JPG editor and crop a couple of the pics to post them. Condition of these is that a few are in great condition, a few just need some good cleaning, and a couple have some nicks on the cabinet edges that would put them in fair condition. I'm going to be looking for maybe $700 to $1000 a pair, delivered, or "Free Shipping" whichever way you want to look at it. Another piece of relevant info here is that these are all black,...birch cabinets, speakers, metal perforated grill, everything is black. And they have attached top and bottom a heavy duty metal bracket that outlines the trapezoidal shape of the speaker. I kind of hate to stick an email address out here on a forum, but guess I'll take my chances..... markdsearch2002 at yahoo if you want me to email the pics.
  3. Location on these will be Lafayette, Louisiana, and I'll ship any number from a pair up to 10 of them. I'll do my best to have a couple pictures available later. As for price, honestly, help a newbie out here....what are they worth, for a pair in good condition? I'm on this forum partly to learn that key piece of info, because I think I know what I can buy them for, but really unsure what I can sell them for.....conundrum of sorts. Thanks for any help on this.
  4. I have an option to buy as many as 12 KP-362's right now and I'm trying to see if there's a market for them. I very likely will keep the best 2 and sell the rest. They are in very good physical condition and though I'm not able to re-test them currently, I know they were pulled from a theater in good working condition. I'm sorry I don't have pics just yet, but please know that this is a legit post. I have first crack at buying these and I want 2 for myself, but really would like to make enough on sales of the remaining speakers to pay for my 2 keepers. I'll check back every 4 hours or so and try to reply to any questions. Thanks!
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