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  1. On a side note, forums are a fantastic way for folks of common interest to communicate and share information. However, Cary Audio as a company does not monitor forums because we feel they are the consumers domain. So, if anyone does need sales, customer service, or technical assistance and posts it here, we many not see it in a timely fashion or perhaps at all. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us directly. That being said, I will try to jump in under this Topic from time to time and comment where appropriate. Thanks again and enjoy your Klipsch (and hopefully Cary Audio) systems! Sales, consulting, or CS issues: Daryl@caryaudio.com Repair, parts, upgrades, service issues: techsupport@caryaudio.com
  2. Tech support can be reached at techsupport@caryaudio.com. We have been a been out of pocket last week due to the Munich show. If you do have a persistent issue contacting service,. please feel free to email me directly at daryl@caryaudio.com.
  3. Hello again! Well, I finally have some Wi-Fi and a computer with a real keyboard for the moment. So, I better take advantage. To address some of the specific questions in some of the posts, the preamp being built is an SLP-98, which is our “mid-level” preamplifier. As for the mono block, that is the formidable CAD-211FE! Klipsch and Cary Audio have a long history of synergy. For the purpose of this topic I’m going to take for granted we’re mostly taking about the Heritage Series and or Jubilee’s. As a company, we manufacture various tube and solid state products. To break it down for simplification purposes, we essentially produce two styles of tube circuits, SET and Ultralinear. Each have different various styles, i.e. integrated amplifier or power amplifier, and sizes/price points. From our perspective (keeping in mind we also produce terrific solid state amplifiers) Klipsch and Cary tubes is a combination hard to beat on many levels. At minimum, we’d recommend using tube power on the mids and highs. Tubes can also sound wonderful on bass bins or the “woofers”. As for which style of tube circuit, well that’s a bit more complex. Let’s first address power at to take that part out of the equation. With the efficiency of the Heritage Series and Jubilee, any of our tube based products will have the power to drive them. What one most consider is the size of their space, the volume level they desire and the type of source material they will use, and is it a 2-channel or HT system. The SET designs are single ended triode (Class A). This is a very different circuit then utralinear but when it comes to 2-channel, lighter genres without the need for earthshaking bass in favor of wonderfully textured bass, the SET cannot be beat. It is magical on a scale its own. One could combine SET on the mids/highs and use solid state on the bass if they require harder hitting bass for HT or other more modern musical genres. SET and or biamping is certainly a bit more expensive. The ultralinear amplifiers and integrated amps are Class AB with some designs having a triode mode, which is all Class A but cuts the power output in half (Triode is not SET). All AB amp even in ultralinear mode will run in Class A for a small portion then switch over to make the Class AB. Our ultralinear designs overall are a bit more economical with greater output power while exploiting all the advantages of tubes. The exception is our CAD-211FE mono block. They are our most expensive amplifier and offer fantastic top to bottom sound with very high power with any source material. They are in use in many recoding and master studios around the world. In a nutshell, ultrlinear is more affordable, higher power, more “linear” sounding and are great with all musical genres. SET are more niche for incredible musicality with a greater mid-range richness and typically for lower listening levels on lighter genres of music. Of course one could biamp using SET on mids/highs and use utralinear or solid state on the bass for the “best of everything” scenario. I hope this helps. Many customer and companies around the world have discovered the magic of Cary Audio with Klipsch Heritage. If I can answer any additional questions, please let me know -Daryl Berk Cary Audio
  4. Hello All! Daryl Berk from Cary Audio here. Thanks for all the great posts. I’m on vacation and don’t have easy access to Wi-Fi, but hope to be able to get online Friday morning. At that time I would be very happy to chime in as I’m all thumbs (literally) using my phone see you tomorrow!
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