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  1. I know how difficult these are to find, so I thought I'd alert the folks here that there is a seller ("Paraklip" in the swap meet forum) on diyaudio.com that is offering the horns with drivers. No affiliation, etc
  2. These guys are sold, to a forum member here. Thanks folks, and have fun!
  3. Would definitely prefer to sell. I'm trying to clean out my basement, at the suggestion (insistence?) of my heirs and assigns. 😉
  4. Thanks to the generosity of a couple of guys on this forum, I've solved my speaker search, and therefore don't need to cannibalize LaScalas, or do something else crazy. These are the HF20AT, 8 ohm, which have been discontinued, and are new in the box. Meaning totally unused. Perfect for something like Chris's MEH system, or for converting a three-way speaker to two-way. Asking $350, or make an offer. If you drive to Madison, WI to pick them up, I'll toss in the recommended ebay horns. Thanks for looking - Pat
  5. Darn, just sold one to someone here on the Forum, and I live in Madison. Happy that you both are going to have one.
  6. I believe that you can play nasty tricks on unsuspecting guests by playing ULF sine waves (maybe 4-8 Hz?) and disrupting their digestive processes. They can't hear anything, but they can feel something. (That would be wrong, however.) A rotary sub was one of Tom Danley's first projects. I bought the motor for it, but got no further.
  7. Well, I could try the one-man lift. I do have the strength of ten men, it's just that they're all 68 years old, like I am. I've got a buddy coming over today, I think, with a heavy duty hand truck, so I've got hopes of listening this afternoon. Small room, about 13 x 11 (feet) and I'm planning on finishing up my diy Pass M2 for eventual use. I'll use an Emotiva amp for the first listen. I should point out that Tom himself has suggested big, big power, even for home use, assuring no clipping or compression.
  8. Okay, I have them in the car. (Not mine, it's my ex-wife's Honda CRV.) The car is in my driveway, so it's close to the house. Hope to have them in the house by Sunday, at the absolute latest. They are, um, big. I figure a three-person lift and carry, plus one more person to open and close the door quickly in an attempt to keep the mosquitoes out of the house. I owe the two guys here who passed on them a beer. Or a few.
  9. I did ask, and was told it was for the pair. There is also a pic that appears to show both speakers, if I recall.
  10. These appear to be sold, or perhaps I've insulted the seller with my offer(s). I got one response, and then crickets.
  11. I have a UPA-5 that you could have for cheap. Of course, then you'd have 7 channels of Emotiva goodness, rather than 4.
  12. Just in case anyone else in my direction is wondering, Mapquest says Clarksville, TN is 9 hrs and 58 minutes away from Jacksonville.😉
  13. That Miata needs a bigger engine in it in order to even out the weight distribution and the ride height.
  14. They are sold, but not to me. I had an offer out that was acceptable, but someone got in and grabbed them while I was picking up my daughter's dog for her. So much for being father of the year.
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