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  1. I currently have two RP-280FA towers, previously had RF-62 II's in the front, and relocated to the rear now. Is there any benefits to upgrade from the RC-62 II to the RP-450C ? Is it an upgrade?
  2. I tried this exact thing before and it never gave the wow factor that Atmos enabled speakers gave. you can try it, but you may feel underwhelmed. True ceiling speaker that have the ability to tilt work well also, otherwise reflection speakers would be the easiest to setup.
  3. from what i understand the ca is supposed to better match the RP-280FA as i guess the cabinets are made of different materials.
  4. yeah, i wish i had a frys by me still. To have all 4 atmos best, my denon receiver only supports 2 atmos channels, and i have the Klipsch RP-280FA which has atmos speakers built into the top, and they are wired operate from the main speaker.
  5. great question so Atmos works in a couple of different configurations. with the 3400 you can only have Two front Atmos speakers, or two rear atmos speakers. with the 4400 you could have Two front and two rear atmos speakers. this
  6. this is the flaw with these proprietary systems, and my fear with ever purchasing them is it requires sole support from the manufacturer. with a build your own system you can replace individual components to get what you need. I wish klipsch provide better support for there wireless system
  7. The wireless RP-440WC only works with the Klipsch hub, you can't connect any wires to it. And the hub only works with the RP Wireless speakers. I wish you could still wire the speakers or mix and match. but sadly its not the case, its either all RP wireless or bust.
  8. yeah sony was never good about adding features after the fact. My denon has been great. Pioneer used to go well with klipsch until onkyo bought them out. I honestly loved MCACC pro calibration. they only give MCACC basic now. and a normal onkyo RZ series gives way more features than an elite these days. Denon seems to still maintain a solid product. I would go with the 4400 if you plan on having atmosphere fronts and rears. the 3400 only gives you a little more wattage and multi EQ xt 32, over the 2400.
  9. Lifx is far superior over Phillips HUE in terms of contrast and accurate color. Great choice, I work in the smart home industry. We have a set of the Lifx Z strip in the bedroom behind the tv.
  10. you won't gain to much besides maybe just a very slight base improvement from the RP-250F to the Rp-260F. I currently have a RP-280FA, upgraded form the RF-62 II (6" to 8") and barely noticed any difference. I only upgraded to have atmos speakers. And yes, the ability to adjust the speaker to point towards you is always good
  11. Just watched Black Panther on Ultra 4K Atmos, and found the vocal a little muddy. But the atmosphere effects were good.
  12. Personally, I tried some normal speakers (Klipsch R-14M's mounted in height position (above the L and R channels) and it never gave the same effect as dedicated Klipsch Atmos reflection speakers. Honestly, Ceiling or Atmos reflection speakers are the way to go if you really want the true effect. The idea of Atmos is sound coming from above you, and normal front height speaker location doesn't seem to cut it, it still sounds like it coming from the front due to normal speaker wide dispersion. The Klipsch R-14S will be broadcasting out a wide signal with the way that speaker is played out.
  13. I currently have a Denon x2300 (which is lower than the models you listed) Running to Klipsch Rp-280FA towers, the same sub, and a RC-62II and two Klipsch RC-62 II towers in the rear. Klipsch speakers generally do not require much power as they are very efficient. I run this pretty loud in movies, and there was never a point were i was about to max out. You should have no issues. FYI the Sony STR-1080 has been getting rave reviews, and now supports atmosphere and DTS:X however I've enjoyed my denon.
  14. Hey @Youthman Ive enjoyed a few of your videos on youtube. I also recently upgraded to Dolby Atmos. However, I went with 2 Klipsch RP-280FA's as RF-7 II are not in my near future as of yet. I am absolutely in love with the Atmos Demo disc with these new speakers. Maybe when I purchase my first home. If you ever get a chance to listen to the Atmos demo disc it will put a cheer smile on your face. Side note, I see on klipsch it says you live in florida? thats awesome, I live in Orlando!
  15. Hey guys, So I own a set of Klipsch RP-280FA. I recently moved form California to Florida, however one of my speakers front was slightly damaged during the move. It does not effect the sound quality at all, but man its ugly to look at. Just cosmetic though. Does anyone happen to know the exact type of finish or paint Klipsch uses on Reference premiere line? Anything that can make this not such an eye sore. See attached photo
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