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  1. Thank you Dave...yes these were my husbands babys... I appreciate all you said and if you could help in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. If I could keep them, I would. I thought I had the receipt, but just the old instruction manual (which is very cool). Thanks again!!!
  2. I just wanted to say, SORRY!!! My husband passed away and I was informed by a group member to put them on Klipsch group site for this amount and they would sell. Sorry if I offended anyone, I had no idea on value until someone told me. Your group didn't need to be so rude. I'm not from Flint and I'm not a fraud. I guess I picked wrong site. Thought I would get an idea, but nevermind... if you don't like it, please keep comments to yourself...Thanks!
  3. Set of Klipschorns, signed in consecutive serial numbers. Type KB00HF Serial no. HF8862558 LF8862559 and HF8862560 LF8862561. Along with sub woofer. Hardly used, excellent condition...Must sell...$6,000. Have great pictures also.
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