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  1. For those who may be interested - I had the opportunity to try First Watt F1 and F3 amplifiers on the K402's last night... What contrasts to the Macro Tech! Super laid-back and smooth. I can see why people love them. Reminded me of the sound I used to get with my Khorns and Type 45 SET valve amps. It was really special to hear such refined and 'cruisy' sound coming out of the Frankenstein speakers. I had to play with the PEQ a bit to get them sounding right - using the Crown settings they sounded too rolled off, lifeless. Once I sorted that, they were fabulous. They lacked the scale and dynamics of the Crown - the "wall of sound" was more like a glowing ball of sound. Certainly they have opened my eyes to just how important it will be to find the right amp for the 402's. I imagine that wherever I land, it will be halfway between the Macro Techs and something like the First Watts. Anyhow, if you get the chance to listen to a First Watt amp driving your K402's, take it. What a treat.
  2. It's nice to see my logic/evil propagating, @rockhound 🙂
  3. Thanks for the response. Yes, I have looked into quieter fan-blades, and will continue to do so. It could be a cheap solution, no doubt. The Macro fan runs constantly, by design. It is not disconnectable in that it is actually a "Fan-Former" - and forms the power supply for parts of the amplifier. If the fan stops, the amp stops. Another fail-safe system. I will report back as the journey continues, but right now I am in Fiji - where the sun is shining, the flowers are blossoming, and the stereo systems are ghastly... I did find this frangipani tree that appears to offering up the skeletal hand of homage to some axeman-god of Rock who has just busted out a mind-bending riff.... (Its the little things that please me, really...)
  4. The Macro Tech is doing a phenomenal job with the K402s. Open, super clear, precise imaging, freakish dynamics and utterly engaging. When I swap it out for the Primaluna (which I had expected to be far better), I am immediately disappointed. It sounds like a toy by comparison. This is very interesting. I have had friends borrow the Primaluna who report that it is better in most ways to most of their gear. The answer is though that I most certainly have not abandoned hi-fi amps for pro audio gear. The Crowns were cheap, nearby and made for a good starting point for me. Luck has meant the Macro has inadvertently become a staunch benchmark on the 402's. As time and opportunity permits I will try different amps on them. No hurry, but I would like to get the noisy fans of the pro gear outside of my system. The Crowns take a solid hour to reach critical listening warmth too... My friend has an F3 and another First Watt amp to try, and I think I might get to hear a SIT 3 and F7 also.... I am sure they will be phenomenal, but I will put money on them not having the palpable dynamics of the Crown. We will see! I am always happy to be proved wrong!
  5. Well I am really pleased I made the jump into this world of active crossovers and Klipsch monsters. I have been playing around with the Xilica and have things sounding amazing - better than they have before. I have ordered a Umik which will be with me next week so I can be a bit more scientific about the setup with REW, but even just tuning by ear has yielded fantastic results. Initially I had the Macro-Tech driving the bass and the Power Tech up top, but the sound was forever trapped in a narrow band between the K402s. Swapped them over and now so the MT is doing the highs. No comparison, it far superior to its cheaper stable-mate. Once again I have a 3-d wall of sound, with super clarity. I can't wait to get this all set up properly when the Jubilee bins arrive... Now, what do we all think of this....? https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/amplifiers/MI254 Could be nice one-box Jubilee solution? Being new out there are no reviews to soak up..
  6. I assume you are referring to Bucket List #'s ? You are welcome here whenever you decide to visit - but you might need to help with one of my #'s when I come the USA 😉
  7. Great tip Coytee! (PS - Coffee Cake - My fave. When you come and stay with me in New Zealand I will let you cook me one)
  8. @PrestonTom - thank you - I will do. Zig
  9. @dtel Apologies - I had meant to post this thread in Pro Audio. Feel free to shift it 🙂. With thanks.
  10. @rplace I think you have captured my sentiment exactly. Once the Jubes arrive I hope to be proficient enough and have the right gear to set them up quickly. Again, thank you for your words. Zig.
  11. @rplace Thanks! Very helpful! Yes, will get REW and Umic at some point, after my wife has finished thrashing me for buying Jubes. 🙂
  12. After my early dramas with the Xilica I purchased, I now have it up and running - feeding two Crown power amps - Macro Tech 2400 driving the bass section of the Altec 19's and a Power Tech feeding the K402's. Note this all still a 'dummy run' learning exercise until Jubes arrive...... It is not worth delving too far into all the improvements to the sound, but I will say that there is far more holographic detail and the bass has clarified to a remarkable, fast, lucid force. I'm tuning the PEQ by ear and with some basic measuring gear. Not ideal, but I am getting some decent results. Not "fearing" the Xilica is a big help - anything can be changed back - its pretty darn straight forward for the best part. I am interested in hearing what you guys are doing with gain settings. I am currently running the amps set at 12 o'clock on their own gain dials, simply because it a place to start, then using the Xilica's gain controls to fine tune. I have found that I need to have the Xilica gain settings at or above 0db or I lose a certain clarity that can't be brought back with PEQ. How do you guys regulate / choose the gain possibilities when you introduce the Xilica? is it best to have the amps dialed low and the Xilica dialed high? etc. Your comments appreciated. Next question, using X-Console, is there a way to 'copy' the PEQ settings you have dialed in for one channel, and 'paste' them to the another channel? Or do you just have to manually duplicate them? Many thanks
  13. You speak in riddles! I will let you off, Old Timer 😉
  14. You need a date with Ian Skennerton 🙂
  15. I'm not looking forward to shifting my Jubes between the door and the living room, when they arrive.
  16. Thanks @Dave A . That would be great. I can maybe look at the bass setting from other Jub owners. Much obliged!
  17. Thanks to all for the input. My compression drivers are the 1132's - I wonder if these PEQ settings for 691's will get me close enough?
  18. Well, after months of trying different things, tonight I heard Cornwalls the way I am sure they were intended to sound - spectacular! My friend 'acoustically divided' his room - for want of a better term. He hung some heavy drop-sheets half way across the room, set up a table tennis table behind this (in the new 'area' without the soundsystem in it) and moved his sofa closer to the Cornwalls. Suddenly, we have bass! I was measuring right down to 32hz no problem. Really impressive. The lift in the whole presentation is significant. I sat and just enjoyed everything we listened to for the first time. My mate seems pretty content - and I can see why. A good result. Thanks for your help and comments here - they've helped confirm we needed to work on the room harder. Cheers!
  19. Simply because my Xilica has Euroblock style connectors. People look at me funny when i ask for RCA to Euroblock connectors. Hopefully someone will be able to supply me with Roy's PEQ settings. I'm hoping for decent response at 40hz froma bit of room gain, and that should about satisfy me.
  20. Hi Dave. Thanks. The Xilica is working, but I am going to have to make up some decent interconnects - the first ones I made sound awful. The system on the whole gets noisy too, when I run two amplifiers, so I plan to make some infrastructural changes to get some dedicated power lines into my sound room. I'm sure I will work it all out. No troubles using the graphic equaliser, but I don't know where (and why) to start with the PEQ. Much to learn. I doubt I will ever sell the Jubilee setup. I have too great of a sense of loss all these years after selling Khorns. Plus I am more settled nowadays, not moving house every 6 months. I have some parts gathered for either a Cornscala (ish) build, or alternatively Altec A7-500's, using the pair of 511b horns I have. So I have some woodwork projects if need be. What horn subs are people running with the Jubes? I'm picking I won't need one, but you never know. Dave I think you said once you measured Jubes with decent response at 25hz in some rooms - did I remember that correctly?
  21. ....and ordered Jubilee bass bins to sit my 402's on.... Now the four month wait begins.... All the research and looking at plans for DIY and in the end, I just couldn't shake the thought that other designs would have been a compromise. So, Jubilees it is. I have the Xilica working, will try and get ahold of the PEQ settings for the combo I have. Selling my Prima Luna amp. The big Crowns are just rockin out, and so clear. My brother is taking the Altec 19's. Relieved that I will still be able to visit them. Anyway, I feel pretty Zen about it all, despite the outlay.. and just maybe I will do a DIY sub if required, to scratch THAT itch.
  22. Thanks all for the responses. Is pretty clear that we have an unusual room-related issue. I feel pretty reassured by all comments here that once we get this sorted, the Cornwalls will be awesome. Let's leave it there, with my thanks, until I can report back with good news. Cheers.
  23. Guys, thanks for the responses. Look, not to sound like I'm being unappreciative, but the reason I haven't covered over all the questions you have raised is because, well, we know what we are doing with audio gear (mostly!) and have good equipment, source material, and reliable benchmarks for comparison. We have tested phasing etc as fundamental starting points. We are absolutely not 'so quick to blame the speakers', having swapped out all gear numerous times to arrive here. I wasn't so much looking for a how-to on solving speaker problems as much I was wondering what other people's experiences were with the Cornwalls - if others had had similar experiences. Perhaps I worded my original post poorly. Having now seen the issue across two pairs of Cornwalls, and with all comments here and elsewhere, plus all other facets having been examined, I am left believing that there must be some sort of cancellation happening due to the acoustic behavior of the room. It is just possible that other speakers don't excite this response in this room We are going to try adding some serious bass traps in the corners and see if we can't improve the responses. I will report back. Thanks again.
  24. Thanks mate yeah me too. This one has me scratching my head.
  25. Hopefully, I have highlighted that we are using high quality gear that performs as expected with other speakers. There is quire simply no bass below 60hz to carry the music along. They sound like bookshelf speakers. It is just bizarre - we cannot reproduce the performance that others so readily seem to experience with the Cornawalls.
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