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  1. Unless I'm mistaken (and I very well could be, I am obviously a novice here), I don't believe it has a relay when you power it up...at least I don't hear one when it starts...is there one in the schematics? I believe I read that there isn't one as well. Because if that's the case...not having one might be the source of our initial overload issues.
  2. Sorry, Bill--yes, I checked D5, D6, D7, and D8. All were functioning.
  3. The odds are with you. They were an hour from here. But I just went $2500 in debt for a pair of La Scalas.
  4. There will be other deals.
  5. This wimpy mundane relic sounds amazing.
  6. I’ll just replace the damned capacitors and eliminate the potential cause.😁
  7. Will do, thanks. C4 kept going to infinity.
  8. When testing resistance of the cap, what should I set my Multimeter to?
  9. Was just shopping for new capacitors from Parts Conexxion. It's not like they don't need to be replaced, right? I'll pull the C4 and test it, but it'll probably be later this week. Here's my Parts Connexion shopping cart: will these work? https://www.partsconnexion.com/cgi-bin/sc/order.cgi?storeid=*20b7b4534d0a875b77f1157d6bb78322a865&function=show
  10. Ok. I’m a bit done for the day, but I believe this is where we left off.
  11. Diodes all tested functional, at l ast on the rectifier A board.
  12. Ah. Not so fast. Went back out to the garage to listen to it and R9 fried again. So I’m guessing that initial voltage spike at power up is an issue. looks like I’m recapping sooner than later. I know I need electrolytics…any particular brand?
  13. I don't think I mentioned some pertinent, important details: I bought this from some guy in Arizona for $200 who knew nothing about stereo gear. He sent it to me in an old Epson printer box with "EASTER" magic markered on the side, and the receiver was protected by laundry. That's right, no bubble wrap, no wadded paper, not even a blanket. Just old, XXXL tshirts, shorts, and yes...underwear. Three pair. I am not joking. I didn't check how well laundered they were, but there was a faint scent of detergent when I opened the box, and I'm going to tell myself that it came from the clothes being freshly laundered and that is the last thought I will give it, for obvious reasons. The box was taped shut with silver air conditioning insulation tape. The fact that the unit actually works is a miracle.
  14. Just resurrected mine (link attached). Sounds SHOCKINGLY good. Really curious how yours sounds, because if I can improve on this, I'll be...well, I don't know. I'm already amazed.
  15. Will do, eventually. In the meantime, I have some raw birch La Scalas to stain and recap, maybe even build some AAs. I'll do a thread about the recap when I get it.
  16. If only I had corners.
  17. I believe these were only made 1976-77.
  18. Right after that video I posted, voltage stabilized at .6 to .7--right where it should be. So I wrapped a piece of electrical tape around the resistor (original was insulated) and soldered it in. Still a bit of ozone smell coming out of the unit, but that may just be all the dust that's been knocked loose on it's journey from Arizona to here (But I'll keep it in the garage, with a fire extinguisher nearby, until I feel certain about it. There'a s $99 complete recap kit available on Ebay..but if you think all I need to do is replace the caps on the rectifier boards, that sounds like a lot less to screw up. This thing sounds tremendous! Previously I was using a sub with my RB5s here in the garage, but this really doesn't need it! Thanks again!
  19. Dumb luck, man. Lol. Story of my life:
  20. Dude, you are unbelievably patient. Thanks again.
  21. Just tested voltage on a motorcycle battery. 12.45v.
  22. Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/ViBFqhzmEnb
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