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    R-15pm humming with any input

    Try a cheater plug also. Sounds like these need a grounds lifter switch. The grounding of the source is causing the hum. You have to try a cheater on RP-15. If no help try cheater on source.
  2. Panelhead

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (Coming Soon)

    Not sure all the changes. These are definite. 1.Crossover 2.Tweeter and HF horn 3.25 pounds heavier than LSii. 4.Binding plate and internal wiring. The top is supposedly made of 1 inch up from 3/4 inch. I would not think that added 25 pounds. Maybe half that. Never looked, but if LSii top hat is plywood and these are MDF that might be 25 pounds per speaker. I watched the video. Seeing the sheet of open cell foam being stuffed in doghouse is interesting. I want some in my LSii. Can only think this is to damp a ringing that have found with measurements. Whether acoustic or done with an accelerometer.
  3. I agree with Moray here. I build my own. For RCA like Eichmann connectors, with twisted pair and a braided shield. There was an article in Stereophile about some interconnects around 1990. The reviewer had a PhD or close in physics. Said that copper interconnects had a propagation velocity of 200 m/sec at 1 KHZ. Then claimed these Lindsey Geyer or something had a propagation velocity of almost the speed of light in a vacuum. This difference in the speed of the waves or electrons was so much different and made the non-copper cables much superior. Typical high end cable review.
  4. Panelhead

    Analysis Interconnects

    Build some. Get Eichmann Bullet plugs, some 26 ga solid core. Use a cotton sheath. less is more.
  5. Panelhead

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Tennessee walnut is fine with me. I can live with hickory, mock orange, locust, black gum, sassafras, dogwood, or hackberry. When are you shipping?
  6. This is using a velocity constant of one. Most propagation coefficients range from 0.75 - 0.8. But still long.
  7. Panelhead

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    I have weird tastes. 1. Onkyo M-504. Never heard one, like the looks. 2.McIntosh MA5300. Got to be good. I like a quiet amp. Hook each up. Turn on. Set gain to lowest level and listen to K-Horns. Then crank gain and listen to noise. Quietest amp wins.
  8. A room 12 x 18 is not bad. With the locations of your windows a Klipschorn is out. I think Heresy is your best option. The 375.00 ones in CT might be the ticket. Once home you can talk to Bob Crites about getting the most out of them for reasonable amounts of money. But for maybe 800 - 1200 you should be able to swing a pair of Hiii. They are engineered to be a little more efficient and have flatter response than the earlier versions. Many who OWN Hiii and either Hi or Hii say there is step up in sound quality. A sub will be fine if you do not set the level too high. The neighbors will know if you set the sub level too high. There is not much below 60 Hz in most music. I have a car with a car show stereo and the bass gets muddy if the level is adjusted too high. Many subs have a crossover built in and allow passing the high pass filtered output to the mains. I prefer doing this with software but most subs are okay in this function. I purchased Hiii and loved them. Sold my previous speakers which were more expensive than the Hiii.
  9. My listening area is a kind of similar. Loft with two large bookcases full of lp’s in the two corners where Khorns could sit. Guess that is why I have La Scala’s. When I retire may try something like the OP’s rig to eliminate the sub and finally use a Klipschorn.
  10. Panelhead

    Heresy III

    I went the other direction in rolling in a sub with LSii. Cross at 60 Hz. Use 18 dB/octave high pass and 6 dB slope for low pass. This extends the subwoofer output to try to balance the falling output of the LSii.
  11. I like your idea. The 2,000.00 for a 30+ year old pair of La Scala is high. But I looked around Houston and that was the price range I found. Or beater club speakers for a grand. Wife issues with that option. A great price is 800.00 - 1200.00. If I had found a nice pair in that range I would not own LS ii. Look in the Garage sale forum here. Look on Craig’s List, eBay, even Audiogon. Several members here manage to locate Klipsch at reasonable prices.
  12. Panelhead

    Moving La Scala II upstairs solo?

    I put my LS ii upstairs. I would guess the bass bin at 140. The top is light. It is small and 3/4”. I piss anted mine with a strap. But used to move piano’s and safes for a living. They are too large to bear hug. You need a strap to get them on your back. Anyone that thinks a 100 pounds is this thinking LS i. The LS ii bass bin is a load.
  13. Panelhead

    Heresy III slope angle?

    I think tilt back is listening distance related. Close listening benefits from greater tilt back.
  14. When I read the released details of the AK6 and AK5 La Scala’s I must have been reading and comprehending two different items. I THOUGHT these latest TOL Heritage models had switched to titanium diaphragms. Not sure that it makes a difference. Wife would not let another pair in the house. She asks why a new pair of H iii are boxed up in the attic. Try to keep her out of the attic.
  15. Panelhead

    Help with Heresy 1 1975 binding posts

    Mike, PM your address and I will put a handful in the mail to you. I have a few of the 1/4”& 3/16” Blue connectors. Quality, USA connectors.
  16. Panelhead

    What's the best tweeter?

    I grabbed them off this site. Think Dave A posted most. I will have to look for them. Also think Claude ran some of the tests.
  17. Panelhead

    New La Scala Tweeters need break-in?

    Congrats!!! The LS ii are working well in my system. Think they expose issues.
  18. Panelhead

    What's the best tweeter?

    Great looking speaker. I think Claude has done some testing on several compression drivers. Course this is best measuring in a certain horn. Have not seen all the ones tested. I have response curves for APT-50, K-77,and B&C DE-120. The 120 looked the best to my eyes. All three looked close except for high frequency roll off. Have not seen the B&C DE-110, the Faital drivers, or Beyma response curves. The horn they are mounted on has a larger impact on response.
  19. Microphone yes, vintage tube are expensive. The tube mic pres are used to add color to the signal. I did not see tube mic pres used on Music Row studios. Maybe after I went home. Just like guitar amps. My daughter’s 50 watt Marshall stack uses EL-34. I thought there were all 6L6. When she played it rocked, crunched, and cranked. But is a musical instrument. Designed to be overloaded and distorted. Power supply is the key. And the reason tube amps sound louder than solidstate is distortion. The 1% to 5% distortion added makes things sound louder. I prefer an amp with a noise floor down around -130 dB. I had a Croft OTL that was around -110 dB. Massive negative feedback applied to lower output impedance.
  20. Panelhead

    Juicy Music Tercel ground problem

    Also look at grounds in your AC. I have needed to use a cheaterplug. The Eico should be a 2 prong. Phono are famous for hum. Might be magnetic flux from a transformer coupling into circuitry. Step up trannies are hum magnets. Try moving the units around if grounding does not fix.
  21. Panelhead

    Help with Heresy 1 1975 binding posts

    Mike, if you are in Houston I can give you the proper size spades. Some old one made with tinned copper. Also have E. F. Johnson binding posts. Takes a larger hole even without the insulating washers. Cleaning the connectors up is a good thing. The humidity is hard on the connections and the exposed copper wire.
  22. Panelhead

    Heresy III versus RP 160M (and RP600M)

    Dynamics is where the HIII shine. The differences in volume pop out. Extremely linear acoustic power response.
  23. Panelhead

    Wiring question

    One question. These are bi-wire speakers. How are you connecting them? If the binding posts are strapped the set up used is not critical. If not strapped together the two sets of binding posts(inputs) need to be connected to your amp.
  24. Panelhead

    New La Scala Tweeters need break-in?

    Are yours set up for bi-wire?