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  1. What preamp do you use? I've never used the Xli series amps, but I can't complain about the DCi that I'm using. I'm bi-wired to the speakers [Left to amp channels 1&2 and Right to 3&4]. I'm using the DSP on the amp for crossover. They speakers sound incredible, and incredibly articulate at high levels. I'm reading 33hz on my Phonic RTA from the RF-7s. I manually adjusted up to 54hz on the amp and filtered the sub at 60 (and flipped the phase due to position in the room) and WOW. The whole reason for my post was to find a better way to split the source signal from 1 Stereo signal to 2.1 so I can send line level to the R-115SW Sub instead of the y-cable I'm using now.
  2. @carlthess40 I appreciate the response. I'm looking for just a clean split. I don't want anything with any type of crossover circuitry. I want to use the internal crossover on the sub. Regarding your first response, I don't plan on playing these at full volume very often. The Denon AVR was enough power that I could enjoy the speakers but I noticed the AVR was tapped out on headroom if I did want to play at a higher output. The Amp is currently running 3-60 watts for normal listening. I've had coworkers come by to listen and demo the setup and we've cranked it now to about 210 watts, and I have to say it's incredibly impressive how the drivers have zero distortion, and I'm able to enjoy at high volume. You're right... I could go deaf, but I've been working in pro-audio for long enough to know to take care of my ears first.
  3. AVR-991... They sounded great with the receiver but I'm running receiver at +2 and it tops out. Anything over +2 and I'm getting digital artifacts. I'm guessing the A/D threshold on the receiver input circuitry is right at 0.
  4. AVR-991... not sure why that matters though. Using that for my desk speakers; R-15M and R-8SW.
  5. I’ve just purchased a pair of RF-7 iii’s. My Denon receiver is underpowered for these power hungry puppies. I work in pro audio and happen to have a Crown DCi 4|600 amp with DSP. They’re connected and sound incredible!! Obviously my amp doesn’t have a pre-amp out or any way to split the incoming signal. Looking for any pointers on how to better add the sub to this setup, instead of the y-splitter I’m using at the moment. It works, but I’m $9000 into this system and would like to know if I’m connecting the sub the smartest way possible. I googled for a pre-amp splitter but haven’t had any luck. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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