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  1. S2Wheels

    Which 4k blu ray???? Without spending $1000

    Does anyone know if there would be a huge difference in cd sound quality on the Sony X700 versus a bottom of the line Yamaha or NAD cd player? It would be nice to just have one unit for disc versus multiple items especially if the difference is negligible. I will say the current Samsung model I have does not sound good. It is about 5 years old and doesn't have a separate audio out.
  2. S2Wheels

    Klipsch RP-260F semi-harsh

    In regards to the original post. The signal is clipping or compressed. I agree with the assessments here. They have introduced many different ways for source material to reach your speakers. Some of it will sound bad on a stereo with good sound reproduction. Even though your speakers are efficient in regards to most speakers they will still benefit from more power. Previous statement is dependent on how loud you want it. From the music choice i am guessing on the louder side. FYI, i like Metallic as well.
  3. S2Wheels

    70th Anniversery Cornwalls in DC

    Those are pretty. I like the rosewood cornwalls better. I understand his logic, but not sure how well its going to hold up.
  4. S2Wheels

    DFW -- KLF-20s in Zebrawood

    I have noticed them drop the prices on a few they have re-finished. I know its a matter of personal taste, but I think they would do a little better if the veneer choices were less exotic "if you will". Their re-fab jobs look fantastic. It is the veneer choices that gets me. Different types of maple, oak, cheery etc. Very cool that someone is wiling to even do this. I don't know of any other speaker brand that people do this with.
  5. I have owned the RP280s. The RP280s on my system sounded really good with 2 channel music and even better with movies. I realize they are not the same as his reviewed speakers, but still the in RP series. From what I have seen the Klipsch engineers do a pretty good job. Right? If RP600M speakers sound anything like those then i can echo his sentiments. RP series certainly deserves it due.
  6. S2Wheels

    La Scala's near Nashville TN

    You are welcome Dave. I think its kinda cool they have some history. Who knows....you might find a bag of weed or Geritol in the bass bins . FYI, before and after pictures would be cool.
  7. S2Wheels

    La Scala's near Nashville TN

    I found this looking through craigslist. They look like good candidates for some of the folks who refurbish these. 850 for all four. https://louisville.craigslist.org/ele/d/4-klipsch-lascala-speakers/6722250870.html