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  1. What Dtel is saying in the above post is exactly what happen to me. I didn't really believe in break in, but my Cornwalls did sound better after they had some time on them. I did not keep track of the amount of time. My best guess would be around 20 hours. I am a bit of a bass head and felt the same as you when I first started using my Cornwalls. Something I noticed with these speakers is they are true to the source material. Some recordings hit pretty hard and others do not. If I run direct mode though my Node 2i DAC they have much more bottom end generally speaking. The DAC in my Marantz seems good, but I wanted something to stream Tidal. One odd thing is that when I run direct mode the volume is lower, but once I increase the volume the overall sound seems better. Will any of this info help you? I have no idea. The above paragraph is subjective and others may not agree, but it is what made some difference for me. As far as shaking the house..... I run a pair of subs. 😀
  2. Source material can make a difference in the bass department. The lossless quality streaming, CD etc is what I am generally referring to. I don't have anything that plays albums so I have no idea about that. Adding an amp for low level listening may not do what your wanting. I run a SR5011 and a Bluesound Node 2I. My Cornwall 3s really started to shine after i added the lossless music. I am in agreement with previous posters about placement and Subwoofers. Buy a sub that you can return..... Try it and see if that gets you what you are looking for. Almost forgot...... your receiver has an EQ... Try playing around with that..
  3. I am not an expert so I can't tell you that definitively, but I like what they do and plan on buying more. Some types of music just wouldn't be the same without them. To me they are fun addition and add an extra dynamic. I really don't even notice them until the music I am listening to dips real low in the HZ range and then you feel them. They do add punch. The subs are being used for HT also.
  4. Those are the Cornwall. Probably going to hang on them for now. Ask me in a month.... I can't seem to ever make up my mind on stuff.
  5. Hi all, Selling a pair of SB2000 SVS Subs "black ash". Tight and great sounding subs. Id prefer to sell both. Local pickup preferred. If you would like to have them shipped please contact me and maybe we can work something out. I called SVS once and they wanted 50.00 for each box so I didn't order more. The subs are in very good condition. These subs still have transferable warranty left. I live approx 15 miles north of Louisville, KY If you have interest please message me for contact info etc. Thanks
  6. WTS Marantz M7055 Amplifier. This unit is in like new condition. I had planned to add more speakers to my surround system and never got around to it. 5 Channels Asking for the unit. I have original box, manual and receipt. Prefer to sell local. May consider shipping. Very clean and neutral sounding amp. I could detect no coloration to the sound. Cost versus quality I believe this is a good deal for someone. I have a pair of Cornwall 3 speakers we can demo the amp on. At least until they are sold. I live just north of Louisville, KY in Indiana. PM me if interested. More pictures upon request.
  7. Does anyone know if there would be a huge difference in cd sound quality on the Sony X700 versus a bottom of the line Yamaha or NAD cd player? It would be nice to just have one unit for disc versus multiple items especially if the difference is negligible. I will say the current Samsung model I have does not sound good. It is about 5 years old and doesn't have a separate audio out.
  8. In regards to the original post. The signal is clipping or compressed. I agree with the assessments here. They have introduced many different ways for source material to reach your speakers. Some of it will sound bad on a stereo with good sound reproduction. Even though your speakers are efficient in regards to most speakers they will still benefit from more power. Previous statement is dependent on how loud you want it. From the music choice i am guessing on the louder side. FYI, i like Metallic as well.
  9. Those are pretty. I like the rosewood cornwalls better. I understand his logic, but not sure how well its going to hold up.
  10. I have noticed them drop the prices on a few they have re-finished. I know its a matter of personal taste, but I think they would do a little better if the veneer choices were less exotic "if you will". Their re-fab jobs look fantastic. It is the veneer choices that gets me. Different types of maple, oak, cheery etc. Very cool that someone is wiling to even do this. I don't know of any other speaker brand that people do this with.
  11. I have owned the RP280s. The RP280s on my system sounded really good with 2 channel music and even better with movies. I realize they are not the same as his reviewed speakers, but still the in RP series. From what I have seen the Klipsch engineers do a pretty good job. Right? If RP600M speakers sound anything like those then i can echo his sentiments. RP series certainly deserves it due.
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