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  1. I have owned the RP280s. The RP280s on my system sounded really good with 2 channel music and even better with movies. I realize they are not the same as his reviewed speakers, but still the in RP series. From what I have seen the Klipsch engineers do a pretty good job. Right? If RP600M speakers sound anything like those then i can echo his sentiments. RP series certainly deserves it due.
  2. S2Wheels

    La Scala's near Nashville TN

    You are welcome Dave. I think its kinda cool they have some history. Who knows....you might find a bag of weed or Geritol in the bass bins . FYI, before and after pictures would be cool.
  3. S2Wheels

    La Scala's near Nashville TN

    I found this looking through craigslist. They look like good candidates for some of the folks who refurbish these. 850 for all four. https://louisville.craigslist.org/ele/d/4-klipsch-lascala-speakers/6722250870.html