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  1. Your compliance is 10 and the effective mass of your arm is 12? That is the arm and headshell but no cartridge? If so, what is the mass of the cartridge incl. fasteners? I may not be reading you correctly.
  2. Wow, nice to start with cabinets that look that nice. Would like to see closer pictures of both tops, both fronts(dog house, etc.)and all four sides before commenting. Also, if you feel there are any areas that concern you beyond the norm, post pics.
  3. Thanks for chimin' in guys! Good to hear from both of you. I have considered, to a point what I will not be able to do. But I figured what I will be able to do would still be better than standing pat, correct or am I wrong? I am just now really starting to look into this. Part of the problem is wanting to begin this phase, step, whatever as frugally as possible right here at Christmas. Wanted to give myself a Christmas gift but I don't want to make myself feel like a DBag breaking the bank on me when my wife and Son deserve it as much or more so than I. This is totally contrary to the way I have always done things. You know, the old nothing is too good for me deal? Bottom line, trying to be a cheap bastard to see if I feel it is even worth dicking with. I wish I were doing it with the Jube Clones. Those damn things sounded incredible just the way they were, I can only imagine active. You cannot imagine how many times I have kicked myself in the nuts for selling them. I will be doing this with my La Scalas. OEM bins except for the Kappa 15C's, Dave's Eliptrac 400's and the DCX462's. I cannot explain it, but something is holding the La Scalas back from being special. It has to be the network bottle neck, it has to be. But I am still going to have a vinyl only rig. Just the way it is going to have to be. So I have to work with impedance matching and other shite. What I am trying to say is I want to run my Lehmann phono pre into the DSP or an active analog unit like the K231 or whatever. Then I need six channels of amplification which is costly. I do like what John Warren is doing with the Crown amps and active filters. I like what Benchmark is doing, Hypex and their NCore stuff, etc., etc.. I have considered the Maramtz MM8077, Six MA-500's, Emotiva has some nice configurable stuff and this is only a few examoles of amplification. Still need the other stuff. i just don't know how feasible it is going to be money wise right now..
  4. Anybody try it? If so, please share your thoughts and impressions and gear you are using it with.
  5. Anybody try it? If so, please share your thoughts and impressions and gear you are using it with.
  6. I never saw any or sold any. I do not believe they did. At some point in that stretch I would have seen them.
  7. I have tried all the available methods over the years and the heat/iron method is my favorite but using Better Bond Heat-lock veneer glue.Used it on the La Scalas, used it on my scratch built Figured Hawaiin Koa Jube Clones and many others.
  8. Also, the top grille looks like the factory kit. Can't tell for sure. Back in the day, Klipsch offered the kits already installed as a special order or you could by the kits after the fact and finish and install them yourself. The kit consisted of two grills with one of the three available(brown, black, cane)materials. The cloth came attached to the grilles from the factory. Also included was eight pieces of like quarter round Solid Birch molding, cut to proper length and mitered. If memory serves, they even included like twenty small brad nails to attach the frame pieces to the front of the cabinet. I think in the thirteen years we owned our shop in California we may have sold ten kits. They do dress them up nicely though. And just for an example I veneered the last pair of La Scala cabinets I restored in Tiger wood. Not for everyone but I like them.
  9. The guitar could be a Dyed Fiddleback Makore. Maaaybe.
  10. Claude, Are there other pages to this story I am not seeing? You refer to a couple of things in a context that would lead me to believe they were discussed earlier in the story. Or, am I just blind as a bat? One that caught my attention was when you said "At the time I believe Woody invoiced the doctor $2,900 for the Paragon". Would that be Woody Jackson by any chance?
  11. Why thanks Bruce. A labor of Love. Some Bonehead once told me he thought PWK would approve of the looks.
  12. Are you sure about that? Ever heard/had the 4001's?
  13. Anybody? I would like to see it as well. Deano, do you still have it?
  14. jorjen

    Chicks with picks

    I REALLY enjoy the Chick that plays/played Bass for Jeff Beck. Can't remember her name. Not only is she fun to watch, she is one Helluva Bassist! if you have not seen her, I suggest you do. Found her. I am talking about Tal Wilkenfeld.
  15. I use the same stuff from PE that Neil does. Honestly don't think one will find anything more perfect for the task.
  16. I believe you will find you cannot. I have been down this exact path. From a marketing concept alone, why would B & C design this capability into the DCX462 when they had already introduced the DCX464 to market for this exact purpose? If one could use the DCX462 in this manner B & C would never sell any 464's. I know, let's use a 1.4"- 2" adapter to make the DCX462 compatible with the ME464. 😀
  17. I was going to Deano but I stumbled onto a great deal on the TAD's. I know how good Be can be.
  18. Just curious as to why you did not just buy the 462? I know the adaptor gives you some other options, anything else? Buy the way, I have a basically brand new pair of the DCX -462 2" Co-ax that I will be posting in Garage Sale .I was going to do three three projects with the DCX -462 but now I am only doing two. So, one pair available. GREAT drivers. I have been using Daves Elliptrac 400 and ONLY his Elliptrac 400 in various projects like my custom 3-way Jube Clones and Modified La Scalas since he first offered the 400. Have never found a horn I like better. But, I am still a passive guy and have never tried the 402. I even paired them with a beautiful, perfect pair of TAD TD-4001 drivers in the Jube Clones. Not even the mighty BMS 4592N-Mid stands a chance against the TAD. I know there exists at least one in the Kilpsch Forum that talks a lot about the 4002 but I believe the 4001romps on everything else. Wish I had never sold them. Never heard anything else even close to it. I will attach some photos only showing a couple iterations and various stages of experimentation..
  19. jorjen


    Same here. The four I received from, oh wait I can't say, for the Jube Clones I built back about 10 years ago were identical. Marked the back of the plastic ring in the four missing locations. Took the rings off and drilled them, re-attached to drivers with a strong adhesive. Routered four MDF spacer rings so the cones would not hit the motorboard and mounted the drivers with four t-nuts and four threaded inserts each.
  20. Got a little carried away there OP, sorry. Didn't mean to barge into your thread. You are having a serious problem, one that can become very frustrating. Hope you get it fully resolved. Thanks for the compliments by the way. I am using a Lehmann Black Cube SE II phono stage for the Soundsmith Zephyr Mk III with excellent success. Very nice match. What I have fought mostly over the years with my systems have been room acoustics and speaker placement. You know, small room disease. Best its been right now though. Funny thing is, I had the least trouble with my small rooms with the bigger speakers. Three different pairs of KHorns and a pair of Jube Clones.
  21. Forget about using the cage with the 150's Fido, not going to happen. At least not on my PL, Lol! I have purchased two Dialogue Premium Integrated amps over the last four years or so and agree that both PL and Upscale Audio are TOP NOTCH! I have also purchased a ton of tubes from Kevin over the years and as far as power tubes go I can no longer listen to anything besides the KT-150 for any length of time. Everyone has their output tube and that is mine. My PL DP's have no problem with them whatsoever, I have a quad in each. Heck, I started using the KT-150 when they first came out in Nos Valves VRD's with Craig's assistance with bias. Did you know there is now a TUNGSOL KT-170? Sheesh, when will it end? Anyway, my point is I LOVE PRIMALUNA and I am a vinyl only guy as well. Love my Dialogue Premium. Connected to the Volti Audio VX Crossovers that I built, connected to the modified La Scalas that I built with the new B&C 2" Coaxial Driver attached to Dave's Elliptrac 400 horn.
  22. When I started out as a salesman in the HiFi business(from 1973 to 1979 before becoming part owner of my own dealership), EVERY manufacturer had an incentive program for all involved. 50% was the standard. That was the only way any of us could afford what we had system wise. I however purchased my first set of Klipsch at full retail from a lovely sales lady named Rita who worked in a shop on the corner of University and Shattuck in Berkeley, Ca. Bought them in 1976 three years BEFORE i became a dealer. For a pair of LSBR, I paid the outrageous price of $1118.25 for the pair out the door incl. Ca. State sales tax. I was robbed, LMAO! My system at that time consisted of the new La Scalas, The AWESOME Pioneer Spec 1 Preamp and Spec 2 power amp and a Sony PS-8750 DD TT with a Stanton 681EEE cart. You talk about a mean, badazz, Mofo of a system, look it up. All was able to happen due to the 50% off on the Pioneer and Sony gear. Once we started the dealership in 1979, if we wanted a new pair of Heritage, we went back to the warehouse, loaded them in our vehicle and took them home. Lol! It was like being in Heaven I imagine. HaHa!
  23. Forgive me Howard as it was not on Long Island. However, a great deal of pride which still exists today forces me to interject. I hope you understand. In the third quarter of 1979, myself(at the ripe old age of 21) and a partner were awarded our Klipsch franchise. We felt that opening our retail establishment totally and completely hinged on being able to offer Klipsch to the public in the small California, Central Valley town of Merced. We opened our doors and began operation in August of 1979 thanks to the help of a lot of GREAT folks in the audio industry of that era. Jack Thornton Co., Dale Sprock, Bill Rogers, Woody Jackson, Kent Sheldon, Chuck Mulhearn and the list goes on. Georgia helped us a lot on the credit end of things as well. We proudly named our new baby "Sound Encounters". The license plate on our delivery vehicle(a white, 1962 Ford Falcon pickup with three on the tree)proudly declared we had "HiFi4U". The store was gorgeous. Dark Wood and blue carpeting on the walls and floor. Live plants, art, etc. We had one enclosed sound room which contained only the Heritage line in it's entirety(except for Belles)later on the KG's, Fortes and Chorus, etc.. Boston Acoustics and the "other stuff" was outside. LOL! Merced had never seen anything like it. We were SO proud. Those were grand times, times which I will never, ever forget nor the folks that were met along the way. Just when I thought things could not become anymore surreal, in 1983 I believe, myself and a small contingent of about five other guys from California dealerships were invited to Hope to spend a week at the plant and the "Compound". Talk about giddy, wow! The folks in Hope were ALL world class hosts. We felt SO welcome. From the plant tours, the educational and sales tools, to heading out to Garland over "Piss Bridge" for Catfish and Hush Puppies, it just could not get any better.....or could it? Mid week we were told we were going to the Bosses home for lunch. The Boss? Turns out when we get there it is the home of PWK and Ms. Valerie. Holy Cow, I have never been so intimidated in my life. That soon passed. They could not have made us feel more at home. We had a wonderful lunch. PWK showed us his model Trains in the pool house(yes, the one that carried refreshments to guests by the lap pool), Ms. Valerie was gracious enough to play the same song on both her Steinway and Bosendorfer pianos so we could hear the difference between them. We were commoners in the presence of royalty, but we did not once feel as such. One of the most memorable experiences of my life. I also stood shoulder to shoulder(well, i'm only 5'4", but you know what I mean)with PWK in the fairly recently completed Anechoic Chamber. GREAT experience but a weird place. Standing in that thing made me feel "off" somehow, haha. Anyway, I'm sorry if I have gone on and on. Happens to me every time the subject comes up. But those times will never be again and I will forever cherish the memories, the people and the customers that allowed us to change their lives forever by bringing Klipsch into their home. though my partner and I have not been involved since the '90's, the business still stands today, 42 years later, in it's current format. I still run into old customers, old friends who thank me, thank us, for the enrichment that we brought into their lives through Klipsch.
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