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  1. I own a pair of SX-1000 monoblocks. They are very very nice amplifiers. I've ran them through my Totem Forests and currently running them as the driving force behind Jubilee bass bins. When running them in the Totems, they did sound fantastic however....... I always swapped between them and my Latino ST-120 Tube amp. The tube amp always had that extra airiness and sparkle to it. If you were a visitor at my house you would see the tube amp being used more than the SX-1000s. In your Forte's I think you cant go wrong... Overkill yes.... if you're looking for that extra magic and for the same price even for a good used pair of SX's id recommend looking at the Latino ST-120. Erik
  2. Pair of New K691 compression drivers from my 2018 Jubliees. There are prob less than 20 hours on these drivers and are in perfect condition. $250 EACH plus shipping. If you need a 3rd i know of one avail. Erik
  3. Brand New K691 drivers from my 2018 Jubilees. There are prob less than 20 hours on these drivers. $250.00 EACH plus shipping. Side note: if you are in need of a 3rd, i know of one avail. Erik
  4. Hey Everyone, This past weekend I noticed that one of my K402 horns has some slag at the compression horn entry. There is about 1/8" of material protruding. I've got to imagine this does something to the sound, if not my OCD says it does. lol What is the best way to remove this slag and smooth the surface? Thanks, Erik
  5. You can add Oxford, PA to the list. Factory Jubilees / K691 / Active Xilica XP4080
  6. Wow Mike, looks amazing!!! Out of curiosity, does your pre-amp have a dedicated Sub output or are you some how summing L+R channels into Mono? Erik
  7. Good stuff, ill reterminate and see if i notice a difference.. Thanks, -e
  8. The McIntosh has all XLR and RCA outputs but if I were to do a xlr-rca binding 1&3 this may damage the output of the Mac if feeding a rca amplifier from the xlr output? Xilica output to rca I out of tube amp. Should I determinate the cables binding those pins? No harm?
  9. I am dealing with this issue too......... 19.5 L x 14w x 8.7H New contructed room in the basement, New Jubilees installed NO BASS. Strongly feel as if significant treatment is needed.....
  10. Babadono, From what I have read from several sources googled, there are some pieces of equipment that can be harmed binding pins 1&3. In the case of my McIntosh preamp I dont think binding would be a good idea. In the case of xilica, it sounds like you have done your research and this is not the case. Being a Jube/xilica newby... I did construct my XLR > RCA floating pin 3. If NO harm will occur, what can i expect if i bind pins 1&3. I just dont want to damage an expensive preamp or DSP Thanks, Erik
  11. Another option. www.sophiaelectric.com
  12. So I've briefly chime in here because I am in the same boat and have been doing some research. According to some sources, it may not be advisable to BIND pins one and three together as this may cause damage to the output of the preamp or xilica. Instead, a safer route is to float pin 3 ( dont solder anything to it) and just solder the shield (pin 1) directly to the barrel of the RCA Connector.
  13. Chris, Per your recommendation I did purchase the UMIK-1. It's just sitting in the box awaiting for the arrival of the new speakers. Looking forward to playing around with the settings. I'm assuming i can keep the Roy's preloaded settings saved and then mess around creating another preset? When doing measurements, do you measure one speaker at a time or measure both at the listening position?
  14. Boy, i hope this active crossover stuff is easier to do once i have it in front of me that what i'm reading.. Seems a little daunting......
  15. Located in South Eastern PA.. Xilica XP-4080 Processing Spouse actually gave me the green light to get these things. Have been building a dedicated music room in the basement so they will be out of sight from the main part of the house
  16. Good to know! My day 1 should be happening any day now..
  17. Chris, Thanks for the pictures, they def help! Do you suggest 2", 4" or 6" panels? OC 703, 705, FRK or Non FRK? Did you choose 2'x2' panels just for easier placement? Also, why did you choose to straddle the bass trap panel in the corner rather than doing what some might call a super chunk type bass trap? Slap Echo: Did the test this morning and there is a wicked slap echo on both the front and rear walls. Will need to address that.
  18. Chris, Again, more great info! Can you post a picture of your room so i can see what your talking about in regards to the 2x2 panels? Thanks, Erik
  19. Chris, When you mention the nearfield absorption. Are we just placing panels next to (on the walls) next to the mouths of the horn forgoing the mirror trick to place panels on first reflection points? Corner Bass Traps: Initial thoughts were to place them tight in the corners to gain that last lower octave they can produce. If done, do i still use traps in the front corners? Furniture: Pretty much going to be minimal. 3 Idea Poang Chairs. Amps on the floor between the speakers and then the stereo rack on the left side wall. Vinyl records will be on the back wall until I build a record room in another corner of the basement. As of now, the room is still has a pretty good echo. The carpet def helped but hoping once the speakers and furniture gets in there it will help some or do you think i will benefit from having a more live type room? Thanks again, Erik
  20. VPI Cliffwood is a great value for $1000
  21. Chris, Here are some shot of the room. Some notes on the room: Dedicated room built in the basement. Concrete floors. Double Walls with Double 5/8" sheet rock with Green Glue in between. Sheetrock a fixed to resilient channel. Erik
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